COD: Warzone Gets 30 Million Players in Just 10 Days

cod warzone gets 30 million players in 10 days

Call of Duty: Warzone had already received 6 million+ users within 24 hours of the launch. The numbers were published by Activision on their Call Of Duty Twitter page. The game was launched back on March 10 and is available for different platforms including PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

Following the 6 million userbases in the first 24 hours, COD: Warzone now has over 30 million+ downloads in the first 10 days from the launch date and the numbers are just insane. This milestone was announced by officials on their Twitter handle through a tweet.

COD Warzone is one of the battle royale games with support up to 150 players in a single match. COD Warzone might also get a new update where the play count can go as high as 200 players in a single match. If the game gets the 200 players option then each squad will consist of 5 members with a total number of 40 squads in a match.

The whole game revolves around the city called Verdansk.

One of the highlighted advantages of this game is that it supports cross-platform players in the same match. That means you can play with your PC while other players can either use PlayStation or Xbox.

The game can be freely downloaded from the Microsoft Store if you are a PC user or get it for free even if you are a PlayStation user. But, if you want to play the same on an Xbox console then you should have Xbox Live Gold membership. The installer size of the game is somewhere around 20GB and needs at least 100GB of storage space for smooth performance.

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