WhatsApp Bomber – Crash Friend’s WhatsApp By Sending a Message (Updated)

Hi Guys, Do you want to play a Trick on your Friend through WhatsApp? Today in this Article I will show you Show you How To Crash Someone’s WhatsApp by sending Messages.By using this trick anyone can Crash Anyone’s WhatsApp using WhatsApp Bomber.We are using an App called WhatsApp Bomber for doing this funny prank.

I won’t recommend you to do this trick for Wrong Purpose, this is just for Fun purpose only.Also, check how to hide Blue Seen Tick mark in WhatsApp and How To Share Apk,Zip,Doc etc. Files On WhatsApp

Okay, Now let’s see How we can Crash Someone’s WhatsApp by sending a small Message.For doing this Funny Prank we need an App called WhatsApp Bomber which is less than 500KB so that anyone can download this App.Download Links are given below to download WhatsApp Bomber.
Now let’s check what are the Requirements for Crashing your Friend’s WhatsApp.

Updated Trick via WhatsApp Web

Below mentioned trick is not working anymore because of the Ream More function in updated WhatsApp.So now we are with a new intersting and simple trick by which you can send unlimited messages to any number.whether it be a long or short meesage, we are going to send it multiple times to number to overcome the Read More problem..By this way you can Spam your friend’s WhatsApp.
#For this trick to work your need Microsoft Net Framework 4 or above installed in your Computer.
  • Firstly, Download and Install Auto Spam Bot 2.0 in your Computer from the link given.
  • Once Downloaded, Open it.
  • Now you will see a field to enter the meesage of your choice.You can send it unlimited times.So type any message in the fiels as you like
  • Now select the messaging spees like 2000m/s or 8000m/s
  • Now open web.whatsapp.com in your PC and login by scanning the QR Code and open the chat you want to spam
  • Then tap on the Start button in the software.
  • Now click on the message field in WhatsApp web
Now it will start to send messages at high speed to the selected chat.

Method #2


  • WhatsApp Bomber App – Download Now
  • An Android Device, Rooted or Non- Rooted Both Works fine | How to Root Your Android Device without PC
  • WhatsApp installed on your Phone.It doesn’t matter if you are using an Older Version, Modded Version or even WhatsApp Plus version also work without any Issue
  • Unknown Sources should be enabled to Install Unknown Apps – Go to Settings > Security and enable Unknown Sources.
  • Working Internet Connection, it may be a Data pack or WiFi that doesn’t matter.

Download Links:.

Download WhatsApp Bomber Less than 500KB.

How to Crash Someone’s Whatsapp by sending a Simple Message

Step 1: Download and Install WhatsApp Bomber from the Above Link.
Step 2: Open the Installed Application
Step 3:Now select Bombing level, You have 5 Different Levels to Crash WhatsApp.Level 1will be a Getting Started Level which will have very less Impact and If you choose Level 5 It will be very Complicated. While selecting Different Levels, Do remember if your phone has less than 1GB of RAM then do not select Level more than 3, Because it will Crash your WhatsApp also.
Step 4: Once you have selected Bombing Level, then Click on Copy “Bomb to ClipbBoard” Button
Now WhatsApp Bomber will automatically copy some Text.
Step 5: Now WhatsApp will Opened

Step 6: Click on the Chat you want to Crash

Step 7: Now Paste the copied Message to Message Typing Box and click on Send button.
(You can also send the same to a WhatsApp Group also, it will Crash the WhatsApp of all Members of that Group.)
As soon as your friend open that Message, his/Her Phone will be Hang and WhatsApp will automatically Crash within Seconds.

Precautions While Using This Trick

  • Never select Bombing Level 4 and5 if your Phone has less than 1GB of RAM.
  • If you have Less than 1GB RAM in your Phone, then select Bombing Level 3.
  • Immediately after sending this message Delete it from your Chat, Or else you will feel some lag when using WhatsApp as this message is still on your Phone.

How to Recover After Bombing

  • Go to Settings>App and Select WhatsApp
  • Now Click on Force Stop Button.
  • Now as usual Open WhatsApp and go to Menu and Delete all Chats and Messages
  • Problems will be Solved 🙂
Hope you guys enjoyed this Simple Guide to Crash Someone’s WhatsApp in less than 1 Minute.This is one of the easiest methods to make your Friend’s Mobile Device Hang Remotely.The best part is that you can also send the same message to a Group and Crash every member’s WhatsApp .

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