Create A Free Professional Forum For Your Blogger/Blogspot Blogs

A blog without a Forum is like a house without people.Every blog should have a common community or a place where all Members join is called forum.Forum is a essential page that all blog need.In forum. let your readers communicate each other without the presence of blog Admin.Adding Forum is also one of the best way you can show your blog’s reputation.

Good Qualities 

  • Increases your blog’s reputation
  • Readers can communicate with out Admin’s presence
  • High chance for getting accepted in Google Adsense
  • Your blog community
In this article we are going to discuss how to add a free forum using nabble in Blogger/Blogppot blog.
You can also add this beautiful forum on your blog.To add just follow the below given steps

 In Blogger

Login to your blogger dashboard and click on Pages and “New Page”.Then create a blog Page and name it something like Forum,Your Site -Forum etc.,
Some thing Like ;

In Nabble

For this Free forum we are using the help of a free Forum builder called Nabble
First of all create a free account in Nabble HERE.And complete the registration giving your Name,Mail and other such information.Will complete in less than 5 mins.
Now click on Options and click on Embed Code and copy the whole javascript from there.

In Blogger

Go to the page you created before “Forum” and click on edit page in blogger.
Switch to HTML mode >> 
Clear all tags there in the HTML mode And paste the code we got from nabble there and save the Page 
Thats all And now your free Blog forum in online 
So Simple Yeah 🙂 


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