How to Create a Paytm Account & Paytm Wallet Account in 2 Minute

Paytm is India’s largest Online Recharge and Cash transaction site/app. Paytm is the one-stop for all your online transaction related needs. As of now, it has multiple features like UPI, Sends/receive Cash, Pays in shops, Recharges & Online bookings, Credits, etc and a lot more. Here, in this article, you will find How to create Paytm account and paytm wallet account easily and start doing cash transactions.

Recently, PayTM introduced a Wallet service known as PayTM Wallet. This one did not make expected success in the market, but after the Demonetisation process done by Narendra Modi, PayTM Wallet got great popularity. Recently, Narendra Modi banned all 1000 and 500 denominations and introduced new 500 and 2000 Denominations. This created a great impact on PayTM Wallet.

How To Create A PayTM Wallet Account

As part of Modi’s dream for digitalizing India completely, He encouraged people to do online transactions via various Wallets service/debit Credit Cards and Net Banking.So, we are here to learn how to easily create a PayTM Account and PayTM Wallet in India for less than 2 Minutes. So, let’s get started.

How To Create a Paytm Account

You have two methods for creating an account in PayTM, the first one is through Website and the second one is through PayTM Mobile App which is available for all leading Smartphones.

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Follow the instructions to create your PayTM account in less than 2 Minutes

Step 1: Go to and click on the Sign In/Sign Up button at the top right corner of the website

Visit PayTM

Sign Up on PayTM

Step 2: Now a popup will appear asking you to enter your details like Email, Name, Mobile Number and a Password.Type the required details and click on Sign up.

Register On PayTM

Step 3: Now verify your account with OTP sent to your preferred mobile number or using the link in the email sent by PayTM.

Step 4: Voila!, Now you have created your PayTM Account

Now we have successfully created a PayTM Account, next is to view our PayTM wallet. Follow the given steps below to access PayTM wallet.

Access PayTM Wallet

Access PayTM Wallet

Once you have created your PayTM Account, a PayTM Wallet account also will be created for you. You can anytime access your PayTM Wallet using your PayTM account.

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1. Login to your PayTm account.

2. Point the mouse pointer at your Name at the top right corner of Website or directly go to

Go to PayTM Wallet

3.  Now you are on your PayTM Wallet dashboard. You can now send, receive funds to and from anywhere in India.

PayTM Dashboard

4. To add money to your account, just type the amount in the field provided and click on Add Cash.

5. Now proceed with your payment option and complete it.

You can use this cash for Sending or Buying anything online.

PayTM Wallet

Second Method: Using Mobile App

For the second method, we have to use PayTm’s official Mobile App. You can download their official app from the below link.

For Android Users:

 Download PayTM for Android

For iPhone Users:

Download PayTM for iOS/iPhone

Now you can send, receive or buy anything with money in our PayTM Wallet.

Why use Paytm?

There are multiple reasons why you need to use Paytm and here are some highlighted features of Paytm that everyone is in love with.

Untapped Cashbacks

Paytm is an absolute gem when it comes to Cashbacks and discounts. They are offering good amount of cashback for both new as well as old users. If you are new user doing the first-time transaction in Paytm, then you will be rewarded with at least Rs.50 cashback during your first recharge, bill payment, etc. Similarly, when you buy products from Paytm Mall, you get cashback in your Paytm wallet, which is really nice.

Recharges/Bill Payments

Whether you want to recharge your mobile or pay DTH bill or even Water bill, Paytm got you covered. Paytm has hundreds of different options to do recharge for. Almost all mobile operators, DTH, Electricity, Broadband, Water bill, Flight tickets, Cab, Train tickets, Bus bookings, etc are available tight in the Paytm app itself making it the one-stop solution for all your payments-related services


UPI or Unified Payment Interface is the new trend in online banking scenario and Paytm has its own UPI integrations, too. You can easily integrate your bank account with the UPI ID and then start doing online as well as offline transactions using your Paytm UPI. You can send/receive funds from your friends, customers, family, etc easily with PAytm UPI

Paytm Payments Bank

Paytm Payments Bank is the new full online controlled Bank service from Paytm. Paytm Payments Bank has no offline branches but you can easily start a new account online with just your Adhar card. All you have to do is an ekyc verification to start your Account in less than 2 minutes. It’s simple and easy. You will also get a premium debit card upon request. Initially, it will be a virtual debit card and by paying 250 rupees you can get a physical card which is acceptable at all ATMs in India and abroad.

These are some amazing features offered by Paytm in India for smooth payment transactions. Millions of people use Paytm to do easy transaction and forget about carrying your Cash or Card with you every time you go out. Now, onwards, with Paytm, all you want is just your smartphone with Paytm app installed and you are all good to go.

Wrapping Up…

That’s it, guys, We have successfully created a PayTM account as well as a PayTM Wallet in less than just 2 Minutes. Now you can send or receive money to or from anywhere in India.

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Along with this Wallet service, PayTM also provides users to use Coupons to add money to their PayTM account. Suppose, if you have a PayTM Coupon with you, you can easily redeem it as real cash with PayTM.

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