Create Profesional Whiteboard Animation For Free Using Video Maker FX

WhiteBoard Animations are created for making explanation videos or for fun purpose.Today we are using the software named Video Maker FX for creating attractive Whiteboard Animation.

Other than Whiteboard animation it is also used for creating advertisement video using cartoon character for increasing sales

Download Video Maker FX Here

The software is premium Check How To Make It Registered Version for Free

So, Lets Start

Before going in Download Video Maker FX From Here

1. Install and Open it

2.Enter Username and Password (Don’t Have? Get it Here for Free )

3.Click on Login

Once logged in  you will be on the home screen of the software ,You can see a arrow mark pointing to create a project on left top side of the screen, Click on that

1.Click to add slide of your choice

Now enter your Project name like Your Blog Name, your name or something

On the next page you will see another arrow mark which is pointed to option “Add Slide” on the left bottom of the screen

Yeah! Now you will see a bunch of various Animation styles including whiteboaed, cartoon character and many more,
Select second option and click on add all slides

1. Select the category

2.Select the slide

3.Click weather you want to add all slide or just one

Now you have added whiteboard slides to your animation
Next step is to Edit the caption and add image, Add background to your animation

Preview of Clip Bin and Slide



Add Backgrounds to Your Animation

1.Click on text options

2.Enter your text

3.Choose the color

4.Select the text size

5.Choose font style

6.Slect any effect like shadow or something

Click on Images option and click on background image them click on gallery and select image from your computer or you can select from Video Maker FX Library


Video Maker FX also gives  us  a option to add Audio tracks through out the video for doing this click on the speaker button on the top navigation bar then click on browse and click apply if you want to use audio from Video Maker FX click on audio in the side bar

1.Add Audio
2. Preview your current Project
3.Export your created Animation


Video Maker FX also provides us a option to export the created animation into a .MP4 video file and also to choose the resolution like 720p, 1080p and so on

Click on Export button from the top navigation menu and adjust per your preference

1.Choose the destination you want to save your animation

2.Select the mode video

3. Select Quality

4.Click to start exporting process

Rendering Windows

That’s how we can create stunning Whiteboard Animation free using Video Maker FX

Watch an Example of White Board Animation Created with VMFX

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