Create a Stunning 4K Logo For Your Blog/Company For Free

Do you want to create a free stunning 4K Logo for your blog or company ?
If this is your case then this tutorial might help you.You can create it for free and then upload or use it for your blog/Company.No copyright act or warnings is there in the logo.You can create your desired logo in minutes with few mouse click !!!

Before going in we need a software to do this.The name of the software is Jeta Logo Designer.The software comes under two versions one is standard edition and the Business Version. You can refer below and download one among them.

Standard Version :

  • Only contains 100+ Vector shapes and Icons
  • 30+ Business ready Template
  • HD 4K Rendering
  • High Quality Printing
  • Free to use
  • Golden Parts Locked
Business Version :
  • Have more than 5000+ vector  shapes and icons
  • 400+ Business ready templates
  • 4K HD Rendering
  • High Quality Printing 
  • Free for LifeTime
  • Golden Parts Unlocked
Standard Edition :
Business Edition
Let’s Start
Download the software from the link given above 
Install and open it
On the starting page itself you can see some of the business ready templates.Which can be edited and used to enter your logo details ;
If you wish you may edit it or make a fresh logo.Now i will show you how to make a fresh logo
As it is hard to explain how to use the software better you may watch the video given below

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