Create A Stunning Graphical Featured Image For Blog Post

Adding Featured Images on blog post will make your post more attractive, stunning and more SEO Optimized.Mixing an image with lots of Graphics, vector shapes and Icons will create an out standing Graphical Featured Image.As i mentioned above adding a featured image can also Optimize your blog post and will get be more optimized on google image search.Adding a featured post widget can generate huge page views and easy navigation
Adding such Features image, Does help your blog being found on Image Search Engine.
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There are many tools online and offline which can be used for creating stunning graphical files, Today we are going  make use of such online Tool called Canva

Generally talking, Canva does help us doing great job in creating graphics file for various activities

Uses Of Canva :

  • Featured Image of Blog Post
  • Facebook cover photo
  • Youtube Channel art
  • and custom pixels too !!
Lets Start :
First go to the website Canva were we are proceeding further
From the page select the image type you want or you can give a custom type
You can select from :Social Media, Presentation, Poster, Facebook Cover, Instagram Post ans click more for another image sizes
You should click on the option “Presentation”
Or even you can enter a custom image type and pixel size 
Now the actual work starts..
Now you are on the page which you need to adjust per your requirements
At the top of the setting table is the search bar which can be used for searching image on Canva gallery and use it fir your work.There are more than 1,000,000 image to select form you can also upload images from your computer
Click on the layout option and choose a starter template which you like you have more than 1000+ to choose from.We are going to edit the content over this template and create a good graphics.Even you can start from a empty template and start customizing it.
This is the option were you can add text to your graphical image you can type your text in the space provided and chose font, Size Color.
The very special feature her is the custom Font type option observing the screenshot below you will find some kind of ribbons and other graphical representations for various fonts to make it attractive
Click on the design you like edit the text inside the particular design and add it to your work

This option is also the life line of the image, In this option you are able to add designs, Textures, images or solid colors as background.From above circle like buttons you can select the basic colors and also you can lix colors and make a custom one.
Below is the option for adding design like back grounds it comes with many line and segments which is really really good.You can also add images that are in your computer as background or from the canva gallery
This option allow you to add image that are in your computer to your current project, You can search from more than 1,000,000 image that are in Canva gallery even you can take out images form your facebook timeline
Try one with your skill… This is the best ever online tool i found on internet to create Custom Featured Image for your blog Post
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