How to Create SMS Bomber Website for Free (PHP Script)

Hi Guys, Today in this Article I will show you, How to Create your Own Professional SMS Bomber Website using some PHP Scripts in FREE of cost.SMS Bombing is one of the Best Simple methods for Pranking your Friends.You can Create your own SMS Bomber Website in next 10 Minutes using this Simple Guide.

Recently, I have also shared a trick about WhatsApp Bomber – Crash Friend’s WhatsApp By Sending a Message (**No Root**), this Tutorial is also very similar to WhatsApp  Crashing Tutorial.Every people want fun, SMS Bomber is one such Idea you can use for Pranking your Friends.

You can Download this PHP Script for FREE from the link given below.If you have some basic knowledge about PHP Language, then you can also Modify this Script and Add some Customized Features and Add or Edit existing Text in the Web Page.

Check Live Demo – SMS Bomber

Requirements For Creating SMS Bomber Site

  • As this is a Website, We need a Hosting Account for Hosting this PHP Scripts. You can go with a Paid or Free Hosting Service of your Choice.If you don’t have Money to Spend then, you can Create Account on 100% FREE Hosting Sites like, or
  • Working Internet Connection.
  • SMS Bomber Website PHP Script – Download Link below.
  • Some Patience and Little Time. :p

Features of this PHP Script:

  • Unlimited Number of SMSes every day.
  • Network Operator doesn’t matter,  This works with all Operators.
  • No Daily Limit.

Download Links

This Script is not a Responsive one, So you will face some Difficulty when using this on a Mobile Device. – We are working Hard and Will Update this Article When Responsive Version is completely Developed.

How to Create Own SMS Bomber Website with PHP Script:

  • Firstly, Download SMS Bomber PHP Script from the Link given Above.

  • When Extracted you will get some PHP Scripts Keep it for further uses If you want you can  even Edit or Modify that Script also.

  • After Logging In, Create a New Website of your Choice by typing Website Name and Click on Create (Choose FREE Plan if you don’t have anything to Pay.)
  • Once you are Done, You will get your Cpanel Username and Password.
  • Now click on Go to Cpanel Button and you will be taken to Cpanel page where you can Modify your Website  completely.
  • Choose File Manager option from there.
  • Now delete all files from Public_html folder, But don’t delete .htaccess file.
  • Now click on the Upload button and Choose Index.php file which we have downloaded earlier.
  • After Uploading it to your Web Host, Open your Website by typing URL in Address bar.
  • Enter your Friend’s Mobile Number and click on Start button.
  • As soon as you click on the Start button, Your friend will start receiving a lot of SMSes and your Friend will be in Trouble.
Warnings – This Guide is for Educational Purpose only. Try this at your own Risk, we are not responsible for anything wrong happens with you.

How SMS Bomber Works?

SMS Bomber websites are made by uploading a small PHP Script to a Host.Anyone who knows basics about PHP Language can edit this Script and Customize your own.Those types of Bomber Websites are Created by Linking some API of Apps and Websites which have SMS Verification Process.Then you want to Host that PHP Script on any host and next onwards when anyone type andy number in that click on Start button, Your friends will start to Receive a lot of SMSes.
Now, I’m sure that This Guide has really helped you in Creating an SMS Bomber Website less than in 10 Minutes.Hope you guys enjoyed this Article.Be sure to Comment your Feedbacks and Doubts.
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