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Undoubtedly, Facebook is the largest Social Media on the planet with millions of regular visitors. Almost everyone in the world uses Facebook to stay connected to other people and to know the latest things hepping in the World. Well, now you guys are searching for How to Delete Facebook Account permanently. In this article, I will share step by step guide to Permanently Delete Facebook Account. Got your Facebook Account Disabled read this guide.

Whatever be the reason, we may want to delete Facebook Account. A lot of people delete their Facebook Account because they get too addicted to it. Scrolling through Facebook without focusing on work and decreasing productivity absolutely makes no sense. These people prefer deleting Facebook account to concentrate back on Work, Now, there are another set people who just wanted to deactivate their account for a few time period. This option is mostly chosen by Students. Because, when Exams are near, they prefer Deactivating their Facebook account and after exams, they Reactivate it again to spend their holidays. If you want to Contact Facebook then follow the steps mentioned in that article to get any help related to your account.

Delete Facebook Account Permanently

I know you are here to know how you can permanently delete Facebook Account which means your primary need is not to deactivate it but to permanently delete it. This is guide will include both Deactivating and Permanent delete methods. So, that if you have changed your mind now, then you can proceed to the method or stick on to the first one.

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Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Let me explain what is Permanent Deletion and Deactivation

Difference Between Facebook Deactivation and Permanent Deletion

Permanent Delete: This feature will permanently delete your Facebook account from their service. After deleting even if you change your mind, you cannot get your account back, this is what we meant by Permanent deletion.

Facebook Deactivation: Deactivation means removing your account just for a limited number of days of your choice. Let’s say that you want to temporarily hide your account from Facebook and after few days you want to get the account back, in this situation you can go with the second option mentioned in this article which will help you to Deactivate Facebook Account.

Now that we have discussed all the basics you need to know about Account deactivation and Permanent Delete. Let’s get started with the guide. See How to Change Facebook Name before 60 Days limit

Backup Facebook Account

Before we begin I suggest you guys take an entire back up of your existing Facebook account. It will be really helpful if you ever wanted to create a new account with the same information.

  • Log in to your Facebook Account
  • Go to the Settings tab
  • From the General Tab, click on the “Download a copy of your Facebook data.” on the bottom left corner

Backup Facebook Account

  • Now it will take you to another page where you want to click on a green button which says “Start my Archive”
  • Now a popup will ask you to enter the Password

Create Facebook Backup

  • Wait until it’s done
  • Now you will see another green button telling Download Archive, hit on it and you are all good to go.

Now that we created our Account Backup, let’s get into real work.

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Permanently Delete Facebook Account

This method will tell us how to delete Facebook Account Permanently.

  • Firstly, Login to your Account
  • Then go to the Facebook Delete Account URL below

  FB Delete Account

  • Click on Delete my Account

Delete Facebook Account Permanently

  • Now, a popup will appear asking you to Enter the Password and write Captcha verification code.

Verify to Delete Facebook Account

  • Now, your Facebook Account will get deleted

Now, you have permanently deleted your Facebook Account

Deactivate Facebook Account

In this method, we will see How to Deactivate Facebook Account temporarily for a short period of time.

  • Login to your Facebook Account
  • Go to Settings or follow this URL:
  • In Under General tab you will find an option called “Manage Account”

Deactivate FB Account

  • Click the edit button next to it
  • Scroll down and under Deactivate Panel, click on Deactivate My Account

Deactivate Facebook Account

  • Now, enter your Password to deactivate it
  • Voila! You have just deactivated your Facebook account.

Whenever you wanted to login back to your Facebook account. Simply go to Facebook Login page enter your Username and Password, hit that Log In button and you will be instantly taken to your Facebook Profile.

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Should you Deactive or Delete your account permanently?

Before following the tutorial you should come to a final conclusion on whether you should Deactivate your account for a period of time or entirely delete it from the Facebook server. If you are about to delete your Facebook account because of ongoing exams or busy work schedule then my suggestion to you will be to Deactive the account for some time. I won’t prefer deleting the entire account for this reason. After you are done with your work/studies you can easily login back to your account and start using the account as you did earlier if you deactivate it. While the Facebook account is deactivated, no one will be able to find you on Facebook nor send you messages or visit your Profile. During this period, until you login back again, your account will be completely hidden.

If you are 100% sure that you need to Delete your Facebook account. This may be because of privacy issues, multiple accounts or some other reasons. If you are someone who is about to Delete your Facebook Account for this reason then you can delete your account and deactivate might not be the best option for you. Or even if you are extremely addicted to Facebook then it is better to delete Facebook account rather than Deactivating it for a short period of time.

Final Words

These are the methods to delete your Facebook account as well as Deactivate Facebook Account in under 1 Minute. Hope this article helps you to delete your Facebook Account Permanently. Everyone has a definite reason why they wanted to delete their accounts. No matter what your reason is, just follow the exact step by step guide mentioned above to get your Facebook Account Deleted.

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