Disney+Hotstar Is Now Official In India

disney plus hotstar now live

Finally after long waiting Disney+Hotstar is live in India. All the Diney+ content like Movies, Series, Originals, etc will be made available to users in India via Hotstar and this particular program is called ‘Disney+Hotstar’.

As of now, users have two options to get access to Disney+Hotstar. As you might already know there exist two premium options in Hotstar, the first one is Hotstar Premium and the second one is Hotstar VIP. Disney+ is made available with both these plans. ie, you can either subscribe to Disney+Hotstar VIP for Rs. 399 per year or Disney+ Hoststar Premium priced at Rs. 1,499 per year. Disney+ Hotstar Premium is also available on a monthly basis from Rs. 299/month.

With the Disney+Hotstar VIP subscription, you will get access to every Disney+ content except Disney Originals like Togo, Lady, and the Tramp, Be Our Chef, etc and other content will be only available in dubbed language instead of the original ones.

Previously, Hotstar VIP was priced at Rs. 365 per year and Hotstar Premium was priced at Rs. 999 per year. Now the updated prices are as follows:

  • Disney+ Hotstar VIP: Rs. 399/year
  • Disney+ Hotstar Premium: Rs.299/month or Rs. 1,499/year

If you are an existing customer of any of those two old plans then you will be automatically converted to these new plans and instantly get access to all the exclusive content in offer.

A free ad-supported version of Disney+ is also available on Hotstar. This will provide some basic shows and previews of how shows would look like. There is some free content as well, you can watch them for free with ads.

To access Disney+, now you will be able to see a new option ‘Disney+’ on the top navigation menu on the Hotstar website. Simply click on it and it will take you to the Disney+ content hub. If you are an Hotstar App user then update your app to the latest version to get access to the content. Once updated, you will find a new Disney+ icon on the center of the bottom navigation bar, and tapping on it will take you to Disney+ page.

disney+ launched in india

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