5 Websites To Directly Download APK From Google Play Store on PC/Laptop

We all use Google Play Store to Download and Install Android Apps to our smartphones. Again, the Google Play Store is the safest source/ marketplace to get any Android Apps for our mobile.

The Apps present in the Google Play Store will be safe and Secure. But at certain times, we are not able to use Google Play Store properly. This is the situation where we Download APK from Google Play Store.

Yes, you heard it right! You can now get the APK Package Installer of any App in the Google Play Store with the trick mentioned below.

download apk from google play

There are so many third-party sites offering the APK installer almost all Apps, But. All of them may not be safe and secure. They may be malicious or infected. Installing those Malicious Apps will ruin your Phone as well. Below. The given guide will help you to find How to Download and Install App or APK file of an app directly from the Google Play Store.

Download APK From Google Play Store

Suppose you are using an Online Android Emulator or Android Emulator  What will you do to install an app when there are no Google Play services installed? This is one occasion where the below-mentioned websites come in handy. They do help us to download any app from the Google Plau Store to our Laptop, Computer or any Mac devices even. The process of downloading apps from all these websites are pretty much simple and similar.

Follow the step by step instructions mentioned below download apps from play store to PC or Laptop

Before We Begin:

Make sure that you have the package ID of the particular App you are trying to Download. Follow the steps mentioned right below to know how to find the Package ID of an App in Play Store.

  • Go to play.google.com
  • Search and locate the App you want to download
  • Once you found the App, Click on it and go that App’s Page
  • Now look at the URL of the Play Store Page and copy the Package ID of the App. (I am going to search for a Game mentioned in the Must Play Games for Android)
  • Refer the image below
  • Copy the Package ID and proceed.

1. Evozi APK Downloader

Evozi APK Downloader is the first one in our list and one of the best sites to download apps directly from the Play Store. Easy to use UI and minimal design makes it incredubely easy for anyone to save the .APK file in matter of a few seconds. All the apps that are available in the Play Store are available here, too. The process of downloading the app from Evozi is simple. Follow the steps to Download Apps from Play Store with Evozi Downloader.

  • Go to Evozi APK Downloader Page. Clicking the button below takes you to their website.

  Evozi APK Downloader

  • Now paste the pack ID in the field named “Package name or Google Play URL” that we did copy earlier.
  • Click on the Generate Download Link Button
  • Now a new page will open with a Download Button.
  • Make sure the app you see is correct.
  • Click on the Green Download Button
  • And the App will be downloaded within seconds.(During downloading if you got an error in IDM”Expired Link “ click here to fix it)

So, that is how we download Apps from Play Store to PC with Evozi

2. APK-DL Downloader

APK-DL is another free website used by thousands of people to download Apps from Google Play for free, You can too, use their services for free. Follow the step by step instructions mentioned below to get started with the APK-DL website. This site is my personal favorite and the one that I use the most. Procedures are pretty simple and straight forward as the one mentioned earlier.


  • Visit the above-mentioned website.
  • Paste the Package ID copied earlier in the field
  • Click on the Search Button.
Download Apps from Google Play Store APK-DL
  • Now you will get App Information along with a Download button
  • Click on the Download Button
Download Apps from Google Play Store APK-DL
  • Now the Download will start, and there you have the app you are looking for

This is the APK-DL method. That’s It, So Simple

3. APKLeecher

APKLeecher does the same job that all other websites mentioned in this list does. APKLeecher is also free and safe. Follow the steps mentioned below to download the app from Play store to pc or laptop

  • Go to APKLeecher by clicking the link below


  • On the homepage, you will see a field to enter the Package ID of the App
  • Paste the Package ID of the App that we copied earlier.
  • Click on the Generate Download Link Button.
  • On the next page, you will see some description of the app along with a Download button.
  • Click on the Download button
  • Your download starts instantly.

That’s it we have successfully downloaded our app from APKLeecher.

4. APK-Downloaders

This is another completely free service to Download APK from Google Play. So, let’s check how to use this website.

  • Go to Downloader-APK

   Downloader APK

  • On the homepage, enter the Package ID of the App you want to download that we have copied earlier.
  • Click on the Generate Download Button.
  • Now a Download button will appear
  • Click on it
  • Voila! Download starts

5. APKCombo

APKCombo is the latest addition to the list of Best sites to Download APK from Google Play Store. With fewer ads and a straight forward downloading procedure, APKCombo is another interesting site to take a look at.

  • Click on the link to go to APKCombo website
  • Paste the URL you copied earlier in the field provided and click Download button (You can also simply type the app name like “Instagram“)
apkcombo apk downloader
  • It will load a list of different apps with a similar name and select the one that you are looking for
apkcombo apps list
  • Click on Download latest version and your download will start instantly

These sort of websites comes really handy when you want to download Apps and Games to your Phone or Emulator in which Google Play Store is not available. Similarly, some apps might not be available in your country or region, in this case, you can use this method to bypass geo-restriction and download any sort of app for free.

Wrap Up

So, these are the top 4 websites to Download APK From Google Play Store. Above mentioned 4 websites are completely Free and All services can be access by anyone. No registration required, so you can download Apps from Play Store with these sites without registering or providing your Email.

When you are using Android Emulators, Online Android Emulators this method will come really handy these situations. Suppose you don’t have the Internet in your mobile but have on your Computer with no Wifi, you can download the APK file of the app to the PC and then transfer it with from PC to Smartphone

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