Download Mini Militia For PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and MAC [Latest]

Mini Militia For PC is a game exclusively developed for Android and iOS platforms. How about playing Mini Militia on Windows or Mac computers? If you are interested, this article is all about installing Mini Militia for PC. Yes, you heard it right. Doodle Army: Mini Militia is one of the all-time great Soloplayer and Online Multiplayer War Game. Millions of users regularly play this game and this is why I am writing this guide on Mini Militia for Windows. There are some great Android Emulators for macOS that let us run Mini Militia for Mac.

Doodle Army: Mini Militia is a game in which you will enjoy various battle zones like Zombie Town, Vietnam, Normandy, Boot Camp,  Egypt, and Mars. You will also get 40 unlockable characters in this game, weapons like pistols, sub-machine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, Grenade Launchers, assault rifles, chainsaws, and lasers. If you are not having high-end devices that are capable of running PUBG, Fortnite, etc then you can always try Mini Militia as it is a lightweight and simple game that does not require that too much of resources like RAM, Storage or Processor power. It works well with entry-level budget smartphones, too.

mini militia for pc

Currently, this wonderful game is only available for Android and iOS platform and is designed for your Tablet and smartphone devices. But how will be it, Playing on a large screen like your PC or Laptop? Great Nuh. Today in this article I will show you the best method for playing Mini Militia on your Windows PC or Laptop and on your MAC computer devices.

Mini Militia for PC

The experience of playing Mini Militia on PC is really great. I have personally tried playing the game on PC and I am so much interested to play it over and over again. I really do love playing the game on small screen devices like Smartphone and Tablet, then how will be the experience of playing Mini Militia on a larger screen resolution?

Check: MX Player for PC

The best and great part of this is that you will be able to use your regular Keyboard and Mouse to play Mini Militia. If you are having a Joystick then you could easily use that as well. So, without any more further a dealy, let’s just get started.

mini militia for windows

I will be sharing methods to install Mini Militia both on Windows and Mac OS. if you are a MAC OS user then move onto the next method and if you are a Windows user then Follow the guide given right below.

Advantages of Playing Mini Militia for PC

Here are a few reasons why you should start playing Mini Militia on your Computer or Laptop.

  • Use Keyboard and Mouse for greater accuracy
  • Use Joystick if you are having one
  • Play the game on a bigger display with great Graphics details

Install Mini Militia for Windows PC

Follow the below-given step by step instructions to see how to run it on your Windows PC.

Step 1: Download any Android Emulator mentioned below

Readily download Droid4X or have a look at the article above which has the list of about 20+ different Android Emulators just for Windows,

Step 2: Install and Open the software

Step 3: Now on the search bar type Mini Militia and hit search Button.

Step 4: Once the result is loaded, click on Doodle Army: Mini Militia

Step 5: Click on the Green Install Button

Step 6: On the pop-up appeared click on Agree and Install

(You can also download the apk file from Google Play Store and then drag and drop it to the Android Emulator to quickly install as well. You can follow any method that is convenient for you.)

Step 7: Wait for the Installation to be completed

Step 8: Once Installed, Open the game by clicking on the shortcut created.

Mini Militia on PC

Open up Mini Militia by clicking on the icon and start using your keyboard to play it.

Mini Militia for macOS

Now, let’s see how we can play Doodle Army Mini Militia on Mac computers and Laptops.

  • First of all, Download any Android Emulators of your wish for Mac OS.

Android Emulators for Mac

  • The list above contains about 5 different unique Android Emulators that you can use in Mac to play Mini Militia.
  • Once you downloaded and installed Android Emulator on your Mac, follow the guide below
  • Open up Google Play Store
  • Search for Mini Militia and from the search results install the latest version of Doodle Army Mini Militia.
  • You can also install Mini Militia by simply drag and dropping the Apk file to the Android Emulator. For that simple head over to any site such as, simply enter the Google Play Store URL of Mini Militia and click the download button. It will automatically generate a Link to download the APK file of it.
  • After downloading the APK file, drag and drop it to the Android Emulator and you have successfully installed it on your Mac Device.
Mini Militia for PC
  • Open Mini Militia game by simply just tapping on the icon in Apps Drawer.

So, we have successfully installed Mini Militia on our macOS running iMac or MacBook Pro.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ on Mini Militia for Windows and Mac

In this section, I will try to clear your doubt regarding running Mini Militia on PC.

  • Can I play Mini Militia on PC without Android Emulator?

The answer is NO. Mini-Militia is not having a stable version of PC. We are using the exact same Android version in our Computer, too. We use Android Emulator Programs to create an Android ecosystem on our computer and then run the APK file of Mini Militia on our Computer. So, that is how it works.

  • Will I get a ban?

Not at all, You won’t be banned for playing Mini Militia on PC. But be sure to have a check on the APK file that you have. If it is a hacked version then there are possibilities for a temporary Ban.

  • What are the minimum PC requirements?

To get Mini Militia installed in your device, you need to install an Android Emulator So the configuration should be made according to the Android Emulator. For almost all Android Emulator to work, it will require about 2GB of RAM and at least 2 GB of storage space for smooth functioning. If you are having this configuration in your PC or Laptop then you are good to rock.


So, guys, this is how we install and play Mini Militia on our Computer or Laptop running Windows or Mac OS. No matter if you are having a Windows laptop or a MacBook, I have covered methods for both of them so you won’t struggle to install them. If you are a Windows user having a desktop or laptop then follow the first method mentioned in this article and if you are a Mac user with iMac or MacBook then follow the second method given in the article. Also, be sure to update your graphics driver to the latest version so that you don’t face any sort of Screen Flickering issue and any errors like that. Hope you found this article useful, be sure to share this one with your friends as well.

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