Download Droid4X Latest Offline Installer for Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP and Mac OS

Are you looking to download Droi4X Offline Installer for your Windows and Mac computers? Then you are in the right place. Droid4X is an Android Emulator (Software) used for running Android Apps on your Windows or Mac computers. Droid4X is one of the best Android Emulator that you can get for your Windows and Mac-based Desktop or Laptop. I have personally used Droid4X for more than a year right now, So, I can now suggest it to everyone to have a look. One of the best things about Droid4X is that it is available for both Windows as well as macOS. It’s really hard for us to find a capable Android Emulator for macOS but Droid4X is something you should consider using if you are a Mac user.

Droid4X is unique for its cool features. This Android Emulator comes with a wide variety of features that the other Android Emulators lack. This is exactly why I tried Droid4X and fell in love with this software. If you have been using Bluestacks, Remix OS Player, or any other similar Android Emulator then you will really find a lot of different features in Droid4X which makes gaming easier. If you want to run Android Apps on Browser then have a look at Online Android Emulator.

Droid4x Offline Installer

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Download Droid4X Latest Version Offline & Online Installer

More precisely, we can tell that Droid4X is an Android Emulator that is more focused on playing Android games on Windows or Mac. A lot of users try to download Droid4X latest version but they fail because of lots of unwanted ads and stuff. So, today I am writing this Droid4X Download article to give you guys the direct download link which will make the downloading process as smooth as a butter.

I mentioned earlier that there are a lot of cools new features in Droid4X which makes it different from any other existing Android Emulators. Well here are some of the main features that you will love about Droid4x.

Features of Droid4X

  • How about using an Android Emulator just like how you use Windows? – Droid4X support all major keyboard shortcuts including Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, etc
  • Comes with Play Store pre-installed – Not only Droid4X, but there are also plenty of other Android Emulators that comes with Google Play Store installed already. And no surprise that Droid4X also comes with Play Store.
  • Ability to use the Keyboard while playing games. Not all Android Emulator has this feature and luckily Droid4X got it done.
  • How about using Joysticks to play a game. As I mentioned earlier, Droid4X is an Android Emulator that gives a lot of focus to Android Gaming, so it should have Joystick support and yes it has.
  • You can control Droid4X through your Android and iOS smartphones.
  • You can capture your screen and share it with your loved ones through social media or any other related options.
  • Use Mouse Scroll Wheel to adjust the zoom settings.

Droid4X Download – Latest Version

Droid4X For Windows

The exact same version of Droid4X installer fits for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Win XP and all other versions of Windows

Download Droid4X Offline Installer 
Alternate link for Droid4X for Windows

Droid4X For Mac

Download Droid4X For Mac

Difference between Online and Offline Installers :

Online Installer: By using this option you can download the software from the official website. The file you download from the official website will be only less than 10MB and you want to download the original setup file using the Online installer you downloaded. The original setup file is about 200+MB in size.  

Offline Installer:  If you have a slow internet connection then Offline Installer is great for you. Sometimes your internet connection breaks or gets disconnected, In such instances the online installer will stop downloading the file and rollback all the changes done. With Offline Installer no such worries. That’s why always better to use Offline installer instead of an Online one.

How to Configure Droid4X for First Time?

Follow the step by step instructions mentioned below to Install and start using Droid4X. Assuming that you already Download Droid4X.

  • Download the Latest version of Droid4X from the download link given above.
  • Once downloaded, double tap on the .exe file
  • Now a security popup will ask you permission, Grant the permission by clicking “Yes”
  • Click Next > Next> Accept the License and Agreement> Install
  • Now, wait until Droid4X gets installed in your computer

(Mac users will be given with the zip file containing the installer)

  • Once, done click on Finish.

Now we have successfully installed Droid4X on our Computer.

Droid4X Download

This is how the home screen of Droid4x will look like.

Now let’s see how we can install any Apps or Games on Droid4X.

You have two different methods to install Apps to Droid4X.

  • To Install an App or Game in Droid4X. Firstly, Click on the Google Play Store icon and login to your Google Account
  • Once Google Play Store is opened, search for your desires App or Game and hit the search button
  • From the search results select the particular App or Game and click Install
  • Accept the Permissions and wait until it gets downloaded and installed to Droid4X.
  • The second method to install Apps/Games on Droid4X is to sideload it. To do that, First, download the APK file of the App or Game you wanted to install.
  • Then double-tap on it,
  • It will get installed in Droid4X.
  • Now, we have our desired Game or App installed without any hassle.

Fix: Google Play Store – Download Pending Issue

Just go to the home screen and click on the Apps’ icon to launch the particular App and start enjoying the true Android experience on your computer running Windows or Mac.

Best Droid4 XAlternatives

For some reason, if you are looking for a good Android Emulator like Droid4 to play games or run any Android App, here are our picks.


Bluestacks is one of the oldest Android Emulator for both Windows and Mac. It supports a plethora of different Android Apps and Games. The latest version of Bluestacks, version 4 is the most powerful and efficient Android Emulator they have ever released. Bluestacks comes with Play Store pre-installed. So you are not required to sideload Google Play Store after installing Bluesacks. You can also easily Root Bluestacks and get the most out of your Android Emulator.

MEmu Android Emulator

MEmu is yet another Android Emulator with tons of features for Gamers. If you are someone into playing Android Games on PC then MEMu is really great for you. It comes with pre-mapped controls and keyboard layout for popular games like PUBG, COD Mobile, etc. You can play at variable resolutions like 720p, 1080p, etc. MEmu also comes with Google Play Store already installed, so you can find your favorite Apps and Games, and install it easily without any hassle.

Bottom Line

This is how we download Droid4X Offline Installer, Configure it and Install any Apps or Games on it. Indeed to tell, Droid4X is one of the best Android Emulators that you can go with and if your primary reason is gaming the best Android Emulator that you can go with. If you are having a slow Internet Connection or your connection gets disconnected more frequently then you can try downloading the Offline Installer of Droid4X and install it. That’s the easy method for people with low Internet Speed.

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