Download Labnol Like Blogger Template For Free Exact Edition


Father of indian blog, Amith Agarwal’s blog is using a wordpress theme.But for now i have found a blogger template just exact like cloned version of WordPress labnol theme.

You can download this Labnol like wordpress theme form the link given below, Now find more about the template and my review

For many indian bloggers Amit Agarwal is role model and trying to act like him, It is one of the best available theme in the market today.Theme is simple and handy without any complex coding.

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Download Labnol Template Now ?

Amit Agarwal use Elemin wordpress theme for his blog Digital Inspiration(
This theme comes for WordPress platform and any blogger/blogspot users can’t use it in their blogger blog directly.So for overcoming this problem i have found a cloned version elemin theme for blogger/blogspot users.
SEO Friendly, Simple design are some of the best features to describe the Template

You can also Disable right click in this template

Do Remember : This template is completely FREE

                                  (Download link is direct, Hosted on Google Drive)

                                              (See the live demo of the template)

Why Should I Use This Theme ?

1. SEO Friendly

This template is completely SEO Optimized and you are not required to look back again for making it SEO Friendly.All possible features of SEO has been added to this theme for making it more Search Engine friendly.

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2.Search Box

This template comes with pre configures search box, which is very very attractive.This will make your visitors easy navigate throughout the website and find data very easily.


There are some interesting widgets pre installed on the template out of the box like Subscription newsletter and so on.


You have hover effect for label section you are not required to again add any other style sheet for making it more better.The hover effect will be visible on Mouse over

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Easy navigation is one another factor that makes this template more classy.

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You can do find more features of the after it is installed

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