Earn 1$ to $20 From Best 2 Pay Per Download (PPD) Networks That Pay You

Have you ever thought of making money online by hosting small files and documents ? If no there is a way to do this and earn a lot of money.All you want to do is make users to download your files with from their servers uploaded by you and you will get about $1 to $20 for per download. Isn’t it cool 

If you are not regular blogger then this handy tip will help you a lot.
First upload a file to PPD Network’s server > Copy the unique URL of your file > Create a attractive article that will must stuck users to download your file > User reaches the download page > He/She completes a short survey > Files get downloading > You get payed from $1 to $20 depending on the location were your visitor come
When talking about Sharcash it is the world’s first PPD network that pays you real money. You can make recurring  income only through ShareCash. Even i use Sharecash and make money for every download per users i got payed from $1 to $5, But in real i haven’t get payed with $20 for per download.
I’m using sharecash for more than a year and their services are pretty good.They really do have a good customer support, In my case i got reply within 8 hours
Sharecash have more than 10,000,000 live users. Currently now sharecash supports more than 240+ countries.But the only problem i met with was the low payment for countries like India , Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh all only have a few payment that is from $0.15 to to $1
However American, Australian countries haave more than $1 to $20 per download($1.5 to $2) usual.
Must do remember, You only upload files that users will download and not low quality poor one.
Minimum Payout Option : $20
Payout Methods : Paypal (currently removed), Payza, Payoneer, Wire Transfer and Check

2. FileIce
FileIce is another PPD network that pays you real money.Fileice do have a good customer support based on Ajax forum.Fileice offers a minimum of $1 for each and every download.
The best part of fileice is that you will also get paid for even without completing a offer/survey, If the conversion rate exceeds more than 25 percent you will get $0.20 which is really a good pro of Fileice
As sharecash itself fileice too have only low paying offers in countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh etc., But the payment given fileice for american and australian based countries are really good and worth
Filice will not approve every one who have applied to them, About 75 percent of them are rejected every day In order to get approval from fileice you should a have good blog
Even you have good blog fileice rejects you saying some reasons
On the time of registration you should add a meta tag or upload a file in showing that you own the domain and not others.
Pros :
  • Minimum payout option is good
  • Payment methods are really good
  • Highest offer payout
  • Good customer support
Cons :
  • Approval task is really tough
Minimum Payout : $20
Payment Methods : Paypal, Wire transfer, Check


Above told both two PPD networks Sharecash and File ice is a good option for

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