How to Enable Two-Step Verification On Telegram App [Android/iOS]

Nowadays people are more concerned about their privacy more than ever. After the whole WhatsApp privacy policy update issue, people started migrating to other free messaging applications like Telegram and Signal. Enabling Two-Step Verification on your Telegram app will make things safer and safeguard you from sim swapping fraud events.

telegram two step verification

In this article, let’s see how to enable Two Step Verification on the Telegram app. Once enabled, you will be required to enter a secret password other than the OTP to login to Telegram on a new device.

What is Two Step Verification on Telegram?

Majority of you will be already aware of something called Two Factor Authentication or Two Step Verification. Normally, when we try to install and login to Telegram from a new device, all you have to do is just enter the OTP and everything is done. You can start using the Telegram app on your new device. But once the Two-Step Verification option is enabled, you will be required to type in an additional password along with the OTP to login to the app on a new or unrecognized device.

This option will be extremely helpful if something like a sim swapping fraud event happens. Even if the fraudster managed to get access to your sim, they won’t be able to login into your Telegram account nor access any data.

So let’s see how to enable 2FA on Telegram

Enable Two Step Verification on Telegram in a Minute

Steps to enable Two-Step Verification on Telegram on Android and iOS is pretty much the same.

Step 1: First of all, open Telegram app

Step 2: Click on the hamburger menu and select Settings

telegram settings

Step 3: Open Privacy and Security settings

telegram privacy settings

Step 4: Under Security tab, you will find an option called Two-Step Verification, tap on it.

privacy and security settings telegram

Step 5: Tap on the Set Password button to add a new two step verification password

enable telegram two step verification

Step 6: Now enter a password of your choice. On tapping continue, it will ask you to re-enter the password to confirm. Make sure you remember the password or better use any password manager to note it down.

enter password

Step 7: Now enter a password hint, just in case you forget it.

Step 8: Now enter your email address. It will help you to gain access to your account even if you forget your two-step verification password.

recovery email telegram

Step 9: Tap Continue, and everything is done.

password set

We have successfully enabled Two-Step Verification on Telegram to protect our account from unauthorized access.

Make sure that you note down the password or use any methods to remember. If you forget the password then you cannot log in to Telegram again. So it is advised that you add your email in the field provided. So that you can retrieve the password again if anything goes wrong.

This is how we add an additional layer of security to our Telegram account using Two-Step Verification option. The option is available on both the iOS and as well as Android versions of the Telegram app. Not just Telegram, it is recommended that you enable Two Factor Authentication on every social media apps and website to add an additional layer of safety and protection. Almost all social media websites and apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Google, etc comes with 2FA security option.

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