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20 ExtraTorrent Proxy and ExtraTorrent Unblocked Mirror Sites – (New)

ExtraTorrent has always been the best website to download torrent stuff for free. ExtraTorrent website might be blocked in some countries by the Govt or Internet Service Provider. Today, In this article with the help of ExtraTorrent Proxy Services and ExtraTorrent Unblocked sites, we will see how we can access ExtraTorrent without any restriction.

ExtraTorrent is a great torrent website which shares a lot of good stuff that we can actually download for free. This is exactly why a lot of users visit ExtraTorrents on a regular basis. The main domain od the site is ( and this main domain is blocked on my many countries by local ISP or Govt for sharing pirated files. Recently we shared a list of best kickass proxy sites list and today this is gonna be all about ExtraTorrent Proxy.

ExtraTorrent Proxy

When anyone thinks of downloading anything from the Internet like a Movie, Game, or TV Shows, one first thinks about Torrent sites. Of those, ExtraTorrent is one that comes into you think about it. A lot of users around the globe use ExtraTorrent Unblocked sites to actually download their favorite shows and series. With that all being set, now let’s jump into the article straight away, and see the list of ExtraTorrent Mirror sites. Also be sure to check The Pirate Bay Proxy to access Pirate Bay Unblocked.

Why ExtraTorrent is Blocked?

ExtraTorrent is a well-known Torrent Site having millions of monthly users. When talking about a Torrent Site, it will have both Legal as well as illegal contents including pirated contents. So, to avoid the spreading of these kinds of pirated stuff. Officials will ban certain domains of such websites. This is how ExtraTorrent also got banned from the Internet. Not only ExtraTorrent, there are thousands of other domain and Services banned from the Internet by Authorities like ISP and Government.

If they ban any particular domain, does that mean we can’t access them? Well, Not at all. Even if the ISP or Country banned the domain, we can easily access them with the help of Proxy sites and this is exactly where ExtraTorrent Proxy comes into play. These Proxy sites are the exact same ExtraTorrent site but served through a different IP Address and Domain name. There won’t be any noticeable changes except the Domain name. That’s it

ExtraTorrent Proxy and ExtraTorrent Unblocked Sites

Below, I will be sharing the list of more than 20+ different, working and unique ExtraTorrent Proxies, you can select anyone of your wish and start using it right away. If any proxy site is down or not responding, you can easily access the site by visiting the next one in the list.


ExtraTorrent Proxy/Mirror Speed Status   — Main Very Fast ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Fastest ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Fastest ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Fast OFFLINE Very Fast ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Fast ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Fast ONLINE Moderate ONLINE Fast ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Fastest ONLINE Fast ONLINE

This is how the ExtraTorrent Homepage looks like:

extratorrents unblock

Best Method to Access Blocked ExtraTorrent

A lot of you might have trouble in accessing your favorite websites because of the regulations put forward by Govt and Internet Service Provider. Majority of people actually use VPN and Proxies to access them again. But for sites like ExtraTorrent, Kickass, Pirate Bay, etc. They all have Mirror or Proxy sites dedicated to them alone. These sites will help us to access ExtraTorrent without any restrictions.

You can also use VPN Apps, VPN Chrome Extensions or even standalone Proxy Software to bypass this country and ISP specific block for any website. Chrome Extensions like ZenMate, VPN Shield, etc helps us to access any blocked website without any technical workaround.

Other Workarounds to Access ExtraTorrent

If you don’t want to use the ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites method to access ExtraTorrent, here I am sharing some alternate methods which you can give a try. Apart from dedicated proxy sites, we also have universal proxy sites which help us to access pretty much anything (any website or service). No matter if it is blocked by your ISP or anyone.

Here are some of the best Universal Proxy Websites and some great Chrome Extensions that you should give a shot.

Proxy Site:

VPN Chrome Extensions: SetupVPN DotVPN ZenMate


These are the best working ExtraTorrent Proxy and ExtraTorrent Mirror sites to easily unblock the website yourself and continue downloading any torrent file again. No matter if ExtraTorrent is currently blocked or restricted in your country by your Internet Service Provider or any other authorities above this. Proxy site is everything you will ever need. Hope you guys found this article useful and helped you to visit and download torrent files again without any problem. If you face any problem while using these ExtraTorrent Unblock sites, please let me know in the comment sections down below.

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