10+ Best Facebook Auto Liker For Unlimited Likes

Facebook is the most leading Social Media on the Internet and millions of people share different content on Facebook including Photos, Videos, Status Updates a lot more. The number of likes you get on your Profile Picture and profile does really matter if you want to get popular. This is where Free Facebook Auto Liker comes in handy. These tools will help you to get 1000s of likes and reactions on your Facebook posts and status. We will be sharing the best facebook auto liker below so that you can also increase your post likes.

If you are not a popular personality then getting a huge number of likes is definitely going to be a big challenge. But, that’s not the case if you are having Auto Liker system. A few years back, there was nothing called Auto Liker apps so getting free likes on Facebook was pretty hard but not now, Today, millions of people all around the globe use Auto Liker 1000 likes to get maximum likes and view on their profile as well as a profile picture.

facebook auto liker

When you get thousands of likes on your newly updated photo or video, it really means a lot to you. It will make your friends think that you are having a huge social fan base and a lot of people knows you. Similarly, you can also play tricks on friends with these top auto liker 1000 likes to show off your account. They will be amused to see such huge numbers on your Profile.

Why use Facebook Auto Liker?

Here are some of the few reasons why you might want to use Facebook Auto Liker to get unlimited likes on Facebook.

  • Get Famous among your friends
  • Get an unlimited number of likes
  • Get unlimited followers
  • Get recognized

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How Facebook Auto Liker Works?

In this section I will briefly explain how exactly does Facebook Auto Liker work and how are they using your accounts to give likes to other accounts.

When you use any auto like a website or ap the first thing that they ask you to do is to give access to your account via Access Tokens. Access Tokens are like your Password which will have the full power of your accounts. Once the auto liker bots get access to your Account Access Token then they can be easily directed to do various stuff on your account on behalf of yours. Even without logging in, they will be able to post, share, like and comment on any public Facebook posts. This is what happens to every user who is trying to use FB Auto Liker. Now, there are thousands of people who are using FB Auto Likers, all their accounts will be used to like other’s accounts within the same chain. This way, when you get likes for your posts, you are also giving away likes from your profile and even comments.

Facebook itself says that Access Tokens are having full privileges on your account and the system with your account token will be able to do whatever they have mentioned in that Access-Request. So, this is exactly how Facebook Auto Liker works. Now, let’s see some of the risks of using Facebook Auto Liker to get unlimited likes on posts.

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Risks of using Facebook Auto Liker

It’s true that there are hundreds of reasons why want to use Auto Liker. But at the same time, they are slightly dangerous, too.

  • Unauthorized Usage – They might use your account to like other people’s profile pictures and comment on other posts. Even they might send a friend request on behalf of you and increase your Following count. Nothing is free, so you will be forced to do so. Otherwise, you won’t be allowed to use their services.
  • Temporary Ban – Sudden spike in a huge number of likes might give a red signal to the Facebook System which might, in turn, turns into a temporary account block. Often times you can get your account back in a few hours or after doing a quick verification. Rarely people lose their accounts for suspicious activity and stuff. So, be careful while tricking big F.
  • Affect Your Reputation – Normal Internet users might not be able to find Auto Likes but a person with little bit knowledge of things and know how things work can easily identify fake likes. If someone ends up finding that you are using Auto Likes then your reputation on that particular social media platform will be affected. Even people might make fun of you for making likes in an unethical way. Eventually, you will end up losing all trust from your FB friends who won’t even get real likes.
  • Account Hacking – The whole system of Facebook Auto Liker relies on Access Tokens. Access Tokens are the keys that grant all access to your account. Now, the auto like bots will be having full privileges in your account and they will be able to do pretty much anything they want. More about Access Token and how Facebook Auto Liker systems works are discussed above.

Best Facebook Auto Liker For Unlimited Likes

Here, I will be listing some of the most used Auto Liker apps and websites that you can make use of to get unlimited likes on your Facebook Posts. The list is arranged in no particular order.


4liker facebook auto liker

This is the first auto liker in our list. 4Liker has been in there for quite a long time now and is one of the best sites that gives you Unlimited Facebook Likes on any posts or Photos. It’s really simple to use and easy navigation. The UI is also quite great and navigation is not at all a big deal. This website uses an Access Token method to get access to your account so, you will have to give permission to certain Facebook apps in order for smooth functioning.

  • Use the Access Token Method
  • Apps not available
  • Up to 350Likes per submit
  • Easy to use interface and clean UI


free facebook auto liker

Hublaa is one among the best spam-free Facebook Auto Liker that really don’t post anything without your permission. Another interesting part about this website is that allows you to customize the specify how much likes and where should they come from. For example, you can setup Geo targetting to get likes from a specific country or region. Let’s say that you only want a particular number of likes then you can apply for the number. Apart from all these, you can also add reactions of your choice to your very own photos and posts.

  • Instant 350+ Likes per submit
  • Select the number of likes you want from 30 – 350
  • Geo targetting available
  • Get Facebook Reactions of your choice
  • Clean UI and great user experience
  • Uses the Access Token method.


best facebook auto liker free

Wefbee is an enormously fast and incredible Facebook Auto Liker website with some unique features that other websites lack. You get a wide variety of Facebook Auto Likes including Facebook Auto Reactions, Comment Likes, Posts Likes, Status Likes, Page Likes, Auto Group Poster, Auto Follower, etc. Wefbee uses the Access Token method to get access to your account and other than pretty much everything is similar to other websites.

  • A wide variety of services like Auto Liker, Auto Reaction, Facebook Auto Commenter, Facebook Auto Group Poster, Auto Friend adder, Auto Following, and Unlimited Facebook Fan page likes.
  • Uses Access Token to get access to your account
  • Nice and Clean UI
  • Robust features
  • Instant likes delivery


fb auto liker

Fbautoliker is a website similar to Wefbee which has a lot of similar features and unique touches that make it different from other websites. It is a Spam-Free and trusted site by thousands of its quality users. This website has a unique notification option that will let you know when you are all set to go forward with the second, third and fourth submission. On each submission, you will be getting anywhere from 200 to 350 Liks instantly. Facebook Auto Comments and Geo specific likes are the other two major unique features of this FB Auto Liker in 2019.

  • Notification option that tells you about the submission time and remaining time
  • Geo-specific filter options
  • Auto Comments and Auto Reactions
  • Clean UI
  • Android App available
  • Access Token method in use.


facebook auto reaction

Bugs liker is a simple and minimalistic FB Auto Liker with not many features. As the name itself suggests, this website is just for people who are looking to get Facebook Likes on their posts anywhere from the world. You don’t get filter option, geo targetting or auto comments with it. In short, Bugsliker is a simple website that you can only use to get Facebook Auto Likes and nothing else. If your primary want need is to get auto likes only then this website is really perfect for you.

  • Uses the Access Token Method
  • Android App Available
  • Minimalistic User UI
  • Instant
  • Auto Likes only
  • Up to 300 Likes per submit

Now, here are some of the best other best Facebook Auto Reaction and Likes that you can use.


Fast Liker is an instant Facebook Auto Liker with Anti Block Account feature. So, basically, even if you use their services your account won’t get banned and everything will be just fine as it should. You need to give permission to their Facebook on your profile and once the permission is granted, you are good to go. It works based on Access Tokens and you can anytime revoke access to the access token and entirely remove all the settings and apps of fastliker.com from your Facebook Account.





How to get unlimited likes on Facebook?

So, these are some of the best 10 Free Facebook Auto Likers to get unlimited likes on Photos, Videos or Posts. Most of the websites mentioned in the article have other interesting features like Facebook Auto Reaction, Auto Commenter, Auto Friends Adder, and a lot more. Almost all the website in the list uses Access Token method and all the likes will be sent to your account instantly.

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