Facebook’s Updated Desktop UI with Dark Mode Finally Rolling Out To All Users

Last year at F8, Facebook announced a new improved UI for the desktop version of the site with some cool changes and features. Starting from early March, Facebook has started rolling out to some users. Now Facebook is making the update live and all users should get to see the new updated UI in the coming few days.

According to Facebook, the new UI and layout changes are faster and efficient. When it comes to speed, Facebook claims that the new Facebook homepage loads much faster than the older version.

The newer changes make users easily access videos, games, groups, and other features.

To the top, users will now find a ‘+’ sign that could be used to create post share photos/videos, create groups, and even Facebook Ads. Facebook is adopting a more streamlined approach to the navigation of the site. Everything is easily accessible and the website looks less cluttered.

Earlier, the UI of Facebook.com desktop version was cluttered with lots and lots of information and options that distracted the user experience. Now Facebook has chosen to only keep necessary features on the homepage, making it more user friendly.

Literarily every single element in Facebook has been redesigned, starting from the post section, timeline to the chatbox, everything has changed.

The new feature in the updated version also includes an option for users to see how the group would look like even before creating them. Users can also see how the group would look like in a smartphone device as well.

Starting today, Facebook has started rolling out the new feature to every user globally. If you haven’t received the update yet, you should receive it in a couple of days.

For me, the new UI looks much better. The older UI was a mess with lots and lots of unnecessary options and thankfully with the new update, everything seems nicely organized.

Source: Facebook

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