Filming Great Videos For Your YouTube Channel

Video marketing is a great concept to get behind, especially if you’re a content creator and as an addition to that the concept of “video for sales” is catching on too, it is a concept similar to video marketing,  both these concepts revolve around the need to increase audience engagement and convert them into paying customers.

For example, if you’re an cook, you can make an educational video on how to make amazing dishes with simple ingredients in most efficient manner possible, when you do create an instructional video, you can upload a small teaser on various social media platforms and include links for your viewers to purchase the entire instructional video for a price. 

This is a great way of using social media and monetizing your videos. 

But the question at hand right now is, is making a video difficult? Well the answer is simple it is not all that difficult, although it requires quite some effort but in the end it will definitely be worth it. 

There are plenty of things you should keep in mind when you’re making videos. 

The very first thing you have to do is research, you need to figure out the kind of videos you want to make, here are some examples

  • Tutorials
  • Interviews
  • Event video
  • Live streaming
  • Demo videos
  • Unboxing videos
  • News
  • Entertainment videos and many more

These examples just scratch the surface, there many more types of videos you can make. 

When you are sure of the topic and the kind of video you want to create then start searching for channels and videos similar to the kind of videos you want to make.

This is an important step that you should not skip.

Head over to YouTube, the most popular video posting and sharing platform, search for video content similar to the kind you want to post and look out for the ones which get the most views and interactions, this will give you an idea of the elements that drive viewers to watch the videos. 

Understanding these aspects of the video will also help you understand your viewers and you will get an idea of what kind of content they want to see from various channels. 

With this kind of information at hand you can tailor your methods and content to suit their requirements and needs. This is an absolutely great way of starting off. 

How To Make Videos

Let’s dive in the basics of making a great video.

Filming Gear 

Remember a lot of YouTubers do not use professional filming gear at all, they just make use of the resources they have at hand and you should too, especially if you’re a beginner. You do not have the need to purchase pro gear, all you need is a good enough smartphone, all the smartphones nowadays have really good quality cameras in them. All you need to do is make sure you learn how to use what you have, you can look up various different video shooting techniques on the internet, learn how to angle your phone in the most efficient way possible to get the best shots. 

But you should think about investing in a gimbal or a tripod, they are filming gear that will help you keep your video stable and are a great investment. 

Make sure you perform a mic test to ensure good sound quality in your recording, in the event the audio recorder in your phone is not good enough, you should purchase an external recording microphone, it will help you capture audio with the best sound quality. 

If you record the visual and audio separately, you can always overlay the sound over the video during the editing process and when you’re layering the audio, ensure the video and audio sync with each other perfectly. 

You can purchase all the above mentioned equipment through the internet. 


Another important aspect of video creation is the lighting which is used. Good lighting is extremely essential in video creation and production. You should ensure there is adequate lighting when you’re filming your videos. 

It is advised that you use natural lighting as it undoubtedly the best lighting option you have, of course this applies primarily if you’re filming outdoors.

If you’re filming your video indoors, consider shooting the video next to a window or a door to use natural lighting, in the event where that is not possible you can always make DIY (do it yourself) lighting kit at home. Or you can purchase one online. 

Write Down The Narratives And Scenes

This is important if you’re talking on screen, make sure you write down whatever you want to talk as small notes, but remember do not directly read it out on screen but rather use those notes as a reference and then talk.

If you happen to read it off directly, the narration may seem unnatural, and your audience may not like it. 

Also write down how you want each scene to look and in what order you want them to be in. This way you can ensure that the shoot goes smoothly and you can make the best use of the available time. 

Take multiple shots of each scene, this way you can select the best shot and add all of them together in required order when you’re editing the video. This is a great way to make sure that your video looks great. 

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