Can You See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile? Let’s Find

Are you eager to know who visited your Facebook Profile? Facebook does not provide an option for us to find who visited our Profile by default. But by using some techniques, we can actually find who visited our FB Profile and go to their account. So read the article till the end to find How.

Facebook does not offer a feature to know who visited our Facebook Profile. It may be because simple they don’t want to show us or for some privacy issues. Privacy is one of the number one factors when we use any Social Network site, so Facebook doesn’t want to put their user’s Privacy into a great risk by enabling this feature. But, I have found another unofficial method by which we can actually find our Facebook Profile Visitors.

How To Know Who Visited Your Facebook Profile

We can also find who visited our profile using some Chrome Extensions. But the main drawback about this extension is that both parties must have installed this extension in their Chrome browser in order to get data. We all know that no one is going to install such kind of Extensions in their browser. So, this method is not at all practical.

Can You Really See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile?

As per the official documentation from the Facebook support page, it is clear that Facebook does not have an option where its users can know who viewed or visited their profile. You can go to the Facebook Page here, and it clearly states that “No, Facebook doesn’t let people track who views their profile. Third-party apps also can’t provide this functionality. If you come across an app that claims to offer this ability, please report the app.”

can we know facebook profile visitors

LinkedIn is a professional Social Media Network where it has this feature. Facebook is a lot different from Linkedin when it comes to practical usability and features. LinkedIn comes with a premium membership where users can know their profile visitors by paying a small amount. This is really helpful for people using Linkedin. But, that’s not the case with Facebook. Facebook is more of a Personal Social Network where every user has their own privacy. It will be really embarrassing to let your Ex, Freinds or someone know that you visited their profile, right?

Possible Method to know who viewed your Facebook Profile

There are hundreds of different web-based applications that claim to provide you with the details of people who visited your Facebook Profile or Page. But the majority of them are fake or not practical at all. There is this Chrome Extension that will let you know who visited your profile right from your Web Browser. The main downside of this method is that it required both you and the other person to install the extension. And in short, it is clearly not practical and not everyone is going to install this extension. Similarly, this option is only available on the desktop mode of, meaning that it can’t track users visiting from Mobile devices.

How To Find Who Visited Your Facebook Profile?

Below given is a guide collected from the Internet. I am not sure if this method is going to help you find your Facebook profile visitors. But this is the only guide that I was able to find. But on my checking, I came to know that this is no longer working and this script is all expired. As of now, there are no alternative methods to view profile visitors and your last resort is that Chrome Extension. But again only a small fraction of people will be there using this extension.

Follow the step by step guide and see how you can do the same.

Step 1: First of all, Go to and Login to your Account

Make sure that you are on the Homepage, (

Step 2: Now you need to open the Source Code window, for that simply press CTRL+U or Right Click and click on “View Page Source

Now a new tab will be opened with many Source Codes. Don’t worry, it’s really simple

Step 3: Press CTRL+F to open the Search Box.

Step 4: In the search box, type “InitialChatFriendsList” without quotes and press enter.

Step 5: Now InitialChatFriendsList will be highlighted. Now right after the “InitialChatFriendsList” tag, you will see many Facebook Numeric IDs something like 1000XXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Refer below-given image to get a brief idea.

Visitors Who Visited Our Facebook Profile

Step 6: Now simply copy any Facebook ID.

Step 7: Open a new tab type (Replace ID with the Numeric ID which we copied in step 6.) and press enter.

Step 8: Now you will be automatically redirected to the profile of the particular person who visited your Facebook Profile

So Simple, Huh?

To conclude, by now, you might have already known that it is impossible to track Facebook profile visitors by any means. There are hundreds of third-party plugins and apps that claims find it, but all of them are fake as Facebook itself has told us that there is no such option to track visitors. Maybe Advertisers can know people who visited their page or viewed their product. As they are running a different ad campaign for their products, they might be able to get access to these data. But again, they might not get data about the individual account but they might be categorized based on gender, age, region, interest, etc.

Final Words

That’s it, We successfully found persons who are secretly visiting our profile with a simple trick. Currently, Facebook does not offer any feature that will let us find users who visited our Facebook Profile. Now, this trick comes handy whenever you want to find who visited your profile. Let’s see if Facebook is planning to offer a feature to know Who visited our Facebook Profile from our account itself. Also, be sure to check our Facebook gallery to find more cool and interesting Facebook Tips & Tricks. Do share this article with your friends on any social media and let them know about this cool trick. If you have any doubt or query, feel free to comment down below. I will catch you at the soonest.

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