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Firefox Discontinues Support for FTP Protocol

mozilla drops support for ftp

Mozilla has decided to discontinue support for File Transfer Protocol (FTP) from its Web Browser. Once the update is rolled out, users won’t be able to use FTP to download or view files. Codes in FTP are older and are no safer to continue using it, said Mozilla.

Michal Novotny, a software engineer at the Mozilla Corporation said that “We’re doing this for security reasons,” and furthermore added “FTP is an insecure protocol and there are no reasons to prefer it over HTTPS for downloading resources,”

Also, some part of codes in the FTP protocol is very old and hard to maintain so Mozilla finds no reason to keep the protocol active in their browser. Apart from the old code, the FTP protocol still has a good number of bugs making it vulnerable and easy for others to get in the network.

Mozilla Firefox is not the first browser to join the club, In August 2019, Google had announced that they will be dropping support for FTP gradually for nonenterprise clients. Following which they announced dropping support for FTP starting from Google Chrome version 80. The gradual removal will start with 80 and 81, and will completely drop the support with version update 82.

Mozilla will be dropping FTP support with the next major Mozilla Firefox update, 77, which is scheduled for June of this year.

Users will be still able to access FTP Protocol by enabling it about:config page, something similar to the Chrome flags page for enabling and disabling advanced settings and features.

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