Fortnite Now Has More Than 350 Million Players Globally

fortnite crosses 350 million registered users

Last year in March, Fortnite crossed 250 million users worldwide and now recently Fortnite crossed the mark of 350 million registered users. Epic tweeted that Fortnite now has more than 350 million registered players via the Fortnite Twitter handle.

For April alone, the game was played for 3.2 billion hours, which is expected as a majority of Fortnite Players will be at home due to the lockdown or shelter-in-place rules existing in different regions across the globe.

Fortnite was initially launched way back in 2017 and took the market by storm. Within a time span of just 3 years, the number of registered users rose all the way up to 350 million. It is now one of the most popular free battle royale game which is available for several platforms.

It is to be noted that 350 million are registered users and not active players. So out of these 350 million registered users, some percentage of them might not play regularly or there might be the same person with multiple Fortnite IDs.

Since its inception itself, Fortnite made sure that the game is available for almost all leading platforms including PC, Smartphones, and Consoles and it made a huge user base from the beginning itself.

Epic concentrated on updating Fortnite with features and maintains the game well, which is yet another reason why Fortnite managed to bag these many registered users in a small period. The game regularly gets new updates which include new weapons, modes, outfits, etc to make it even more appealing.

Players can also login to the game with their friends just as to chill by watching events organized by the Epic team. Epic is also planning to host mini-events and music festivals within the game featuring DJs Dillon Francis, Steve Aoki, and deadmau5.

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