Get Hotstar Premium For Free – Username and Password (2019)

Hotstar is one among the most popular Online Content Streaming Service that is available in both free as well as premium subscriptions. But the Free version of Hotstar is only having limited contents and you have a lot of restrictions on the services you get. If you want to get the fullest out of Hotstar then you will need Hotstar Premium which comes in a monthly paid membership. Today, in this article, you will find different methods to get Hotstar Premium for Free and also few working Hotstar Premium Usernames and Password to start using Hotstar Premium Account right away.

With Hotstar, you can watch a wide variety of different contents including TV Shows, Web Series, Mini-Series, Live TVs, Full HD Movies and a lot more. But the free version is only having limited content availability. For example, if you are using the Free version then you can only watch the latest episodes of any series a day after the broadcasting. ie, If an episode is broadcasting today, you will only be able to watch it for free the very next day. But this is not the case with Premium version. You can watch pretty much every show at the same time it is aired on the TV Channel.

hotstar premium for free

Hotstar Premium Membership for Free can be availed with few working methods mentioned right below in the article. I will share some interesting ways in which you can get Hotstar Premium for Free and also some Username and Password, too. You can make use of pretty much any method mentioned below and without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

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Initially, Hotstar was launched as a completely free package available for pretty much everyone. But, after the huge success made by the company, they introduced Premium Subscription in 2017. After the introduction of the Premium segment, many of their features programs and brand new High-Quality Movies went to Premium Category. Free users who are not having a paid subscription was not allowed to watch any of their premium contents.

hotstar premium subscription

Get Hotstar Premium For Free

Here are few advantages of having the Premium subscription of Hotstar over the regular subscription.

  • Access to Live TV – You will get Live access to all TV Channels from Star Group including Star Sports Networks, Asianet, Colors and all other channels under Star Network. You can watch Live TV shows without any delay just as like how you watch the channel on TV.
  • Watch Sports without Delay – For regular customers, there is a delay of about 5 Minuted for almost all Sports series like IPL, ISL, etc. If you want to get rid of that delay and watch it
  • Non-Delayed Live Programs – If you use a regular account then almost all Live Programs and Sports events will be delayed by 5 minutes. This is done in order to promote their Premium Subscriptions and attract a lot of users to purchase them. Now onwards, you will have no delay in between any programs.
  • Uncut TV Shows and Movies in HD quality – If you love watching some awesome American TV Shows and regional + Hollywood Movies in High Quality then Hotstar Premium is what you are looking for. You get access to the uncut version of these shows and Movies in HD Quality and that too without any annoying Ads.

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Hotstar Premium Username and Password April, 2019

In this method, you can use any of the given Username and Password to instantly log in to a Hotstar Premium and Hotstar Premium VIP Account. We have a bunch of Premium Accounts with us, so for many reasons, if any one of the accounts fails to work then you can use other credentials from the list and start using Hotstar Premium services.

Just go to Hotstar’s website or open the Hotstar app on your device. Now, tap on the log in button. Enter the Email and corresponding password from the table given below and then press the log in button. You will be logged in to a Premium Hotstar Account with no restriction at all. Now onwards you can watch Premium TV Shows, HQ Movies, Hotstar Originals, Non-Delayed Sports events, etc and a lot more.

Hotstar Username Hotstar Password
[email protected] noleader13
[email protected] 23588347
[email protected] anta2971
[email protected] cementing
[email protected] Labby123
[email protected] shyloo1988
[email protected] samar2013
[email protected] sushruchi
[email protected] renuka207
[email protected] sanju1510

Access Hotstar Premium with Cookie Plugin

You all know that every site’s login information including Username and Password are stored in a small file called Cookie in your Browser. So, next time when you visit the same website, you are not required to use your Email and Password to log in again. Instead, you will be directly taken to the account dashboard when you visit the site again. Cookies are responsible for everything.

If we manage to inject a cookie (which has login details of Hotstar Premium. ie, the Username and Password) to our web browser with the help of EditthisCookie extension which is available for Google Chrome, we can easily access a Premium Hotstar Account. Follow the methods given below to access Hotstar Premium services for free using Cookies extension. This will only work with Google Chrome and any other browser that this particular Cookie supports.

  • First of all, Go to the link given below and add EditThisCookie Chrome extension to Google Chrome.


  • Now, go to and stay on the same page.
  • Click on the EditThisCookie icon from the top bar to launch it.
  • Click on the import button and text will appear where you are required to type in the cookie.

  • Copy the Cookie code given below (Click in the title to expand)
Hotstar Premium Cookie
[ { “domain”: “”, “expirationDate”: 1562995761, “hostOnly”: false, “httpOnly”: false, “name”: “_fbp”, “path”: “/”, “sameSite”: “no_restriction”, “secure”: false, “session”: false, “storeId”: “0”, “value”: “fb.1.1551321922887.1076431312”, “id”: 1 }, { “domain”: “”, “expirationDate”: 1618291759, “hostOnly”: false, “httpOnly”: false, “name”: “_ga”, “path”: “/”, “sameSite”: “no_restriction”, “secure”: false, “session”: false, “storeId”: “0”, “value”: “GA1.2.455440055.1551321919”, “id”: 2 }, { “domain”: “”, “expirationDate”: 1555219819, “hostOnly”: false, “httpOnly”: false, “name”: “_gat_UA-53733575-1”, “path”: “/”, “sameSite”: “no_restriction”, “secure”: false, “session”: false, “storeId”: “0”, “value”: “1”, “id”: 3 }, { “domain”: “”, “expirationDate”: 1559097917, “hostOnly”: false, “httpOnly”: false, “name”: “_gcl_au”, “path”: “/”, “sameSite”: “no_restriction”, “secure”: false, “session”: false, “storeId”: “0”, “value”: “1.1.1348012617.1551321917”, “id”: 4 }, { “domain”: “”, “expirationDate”: 1555306159, “hostOnly”: false, “httpOnly”: false, “name”: “_gid”, “path”: “/”, “sameSite”: “no_restriction”, “secure”: false, “session”: false, “storeId”: “0”, “value”: “GA1.2.1047224129.1555219759”, “id”: 5 }, { “domain”: “”, “expirationDate”: 1586100402, “hostOnly”: false, “httpOnly”: false, “name”: “ajs_anonymous_id”, “path”: “/”, “sameSite”: “no_restriction”, “secure”: false, “session”: false, “storeId”: “0”, “value”: “%221b89bdbb-e616-439a-bf1a-3589f5caeb95%22”, “id”: 6 }, { “domain”: “”, “expirationDate”: 1586755758, “hostOnly”: false, “httpOnly”: false, “name”: “ajs_group_id”, “path”: “/”, “sameSite”: “no_restriction”, “secure”: false, “session”: false, “storeId”: “0”, “value”: “null”, “id”: 7 }, { “domain”: “”, “expirationDate”: 1586755758, “hostOnly”: false, “httpOnly”: false, “name”: “ajs_user_id”, “path”: “/”, “sameSite”: “no_restriction”, “secure”: false, “session”: false, “storeId”: “0”, “value”: “”, “id”: 8 }, { “domain”: “”, “expirationDate”: 1870579760, “hostOnly”: false, “httpOnly”: false, “name”: “WZRK_G”, “path”: “/”, “sameSite”: “no_restriction”, “secure”: false, “session”: false, “storeId”: “0”, “value”: “1808677bff254d76b08c0b12c409470c”, “id”: 9 }, { “domain”: “”, “expirationDate”: 1555220961, “hostOnly”: false, “httpOnly”: false, “name”: “WZRK_S_6ZW-45W-W84Z”, “path”: “/”, “sameSite”: “no_restriction”, “secure”: false, “session”: false, “storeId”: “0”, “value”: “%7B%22p%22%3A1%2C%22s%22%3A1555219761%2C%22t%22%3A1555219761%7D”, “id”: 10 }, { “domain”: “”, “expirationDate”: 1555219811.568185, “hostOnly”: true, “httpOnly”: false, “name”: “AK_SERVER_TIME”, “path”: “/”, “sameSite”: “no_restriction”, “secure”: false, “session”: false, “storeId”: “0”, “value”: “1555219751”, “id”: 11 }, { “domain”: “”, “expirationDate”: 4706995507, “hostOnly”: true, “httpOnly”: false, “name”: “device_id”, “path”: “/”, “sameSite”: “no_restriction”, “secure”: false, “session”: false, “storeId”: “0”, “value”: “6ee64cde-4e83-4e43-9cf7-6fd0225eb4ba”, “id”: 12 }, { “domain”: “”, “expirationDate”: 4710238002, “hostOnly”: true, “httpOnly”: false, “name”: “facebookCookie”, “path”: “/”, “sameSite”: “no_restriction”, “secure”: false, “session”: false, “storeId”: “0”, “value”: “{}”, “id”: 13 }, { “domain”: “”, “hostOnly”: true, “httpOnly”: false, “name”: “geo”, “path”: “/”, “sameSite”: “no_restriction”, “secure”: false, “session”: true, “storeId”: “0”, “value”: “IN,KL,KOCHI,9.97,76.23,55836”, “id”: 14 }, { “domain”: “”, “expirationDate”: 1582857934, “hostOnly”: true, “httpOnly”: false, “name”: “gr_reco”, “path”: “/”, “sameSite”: “no_restriction”, “secure”: false, “session”: false, “storeId”: “0”, “value”: “16931fe2b64-0030b0380e563dff”, “id”: 15 }, { “domain”: “”, “hostOnly”: true, “httpOnly”: false, “name”: “gr_rt”, “path”: “/”, “sameSite”: “no_restriction”, “secure”: false, “session”: true, “storeId”: “0”, “value”: “6ee64cde-4e83-4e43-9cf7-6fd0225eb4ba”, “id”: 16 }, { “domain”: “”, “expirationDate”: 4706995511, “hostOnly”: true, “httpOnly”: false, “name”: “guest_pid”, “path”: “/”, “sameSite”: “no_restriction”, “secure”: false, “session”: false, “storeId”: “0”, “value”: “6a3abe046e3442998abf78c8086b1946”, “id”: 17 }, { “domain”: “”, “expirationDate”: 4710238002, “hostOnly”: true, “httpOnly”: false, “name”: “registered_pid”, “path”: “/”, “sameSite”: “no_restriction”, “secure”: false, “session”: false, “storeId”: “0”, “value”: “[email protected]”, “id”: 18 }, { “domain”: “”, “expirationDate”: 1586755768, “hostOnly”: true, “httpOnly”: false, “name”: “stv_hotcookie”, “path”: “/”, “sameSite”: “no_restriction”, “secure”: false, “session”: false, “storeId”: “0”, “value”: “6ee64cde-4e83-4e43-9cf7-6fd0225eb4ba”, “id”: 19 }, { “domain”: “”, “expirationDate”: 4710760952, “hostOnly”: true, “httpOnly”: false, “name”: “userMemberCoockieObj”, “path”: “/”, “sameSite”: “no_restriction”, “secure”: false, “session”: false, “storeId”: “0”, “value”: “{\”userMemberEmail\”:\”[email protected]\”,\”userMemberState\”:\”S\”,\”userMemberName\”:\”Aseet \”,\”fbId\”:\”\”,\”crmAccountId\”:\”acn|[email protected]\”,\”DOB\”:\”\”,\”gender\”:\”\”,\”loginMethod\”:\”email\”,\”subscriptions\”:{\”in\”:{\”HotstarPremium\”:{\”showAds\”:\”0\”,\”expiry\”:\”2020-04-01T16:45:15.000Z\”,\”status\”:\”S\”},\”SportsPack\”:{\”showAds\”:\”1\”,\”expiry\”:\”2019-04-02T16:45:25.893Z\”,\”status\”:\”X\”}}},\”pId\”:\”[email protected]\”,\”hId\”:\”acn|[email protected]\”,\”deviceId\”:\”6ee64cde-4e83-4e43-9cf7-6fd0225eb4ba\”,\”version\”:\”v2\”,\”phoneNumber\”:\”\”}”, “id”: 20 }, { “domain”: “”, “expirationDate”: 4710760952, “hostOnly”: true, “httpOnly”: false, “name”: “userMemberHID”, “path”: “/”, “sameSite”: “no_restriction”, “secure”: false, “session”: false, “storeId”: “0”, “value”: “eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.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.JtNN5-PN8HBiPxhyc6zlvDgqQBIRSuWPyrdfy7GtWnc”, “id”: 21 } ]
  • Paste it in the text area and press the tick button to save changes

paste hotstar cookie

  • Now, you will be automatically logged into a Hotstar Premium account that are available in our database.

That’s it.

You have successfully loggged into a Hotstar Premium account and now you have full access to pretty mich every Premium content and movies + TV Shows and series.

Access Hotstar Premium via JioTV

If you are a Jio Network user then you are already a part of Hotstar Premium (Not fully fledged). You might already know that Hotstar is owned by Star Network and all Star Channels are available in JioTV to watch it live. All Jio Prime Members will have free complimentary access to JioTV. So, if you not already using JioTV then follow the below-given steps to get Hotstar Premium for Free.

  • First of all, make sure that both Hotstar and JioTV apps are installed in your device. You can go to Google Play Store and Apple App Store and search and install those apps to your phone.
  • Once you are done downloading both the apps then all you want to do is just log in to your JioTV account with your Jio number.
  • After logging in to JioTV, select any premium program or Channel from the dashboard
  • Upon clicking, Hotstar will open up with premium content loaded in it.

This is how we use Hotstar Premium for Free from Jio Network.

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Final Words

Hope you guys found a Premium Hotstar Account for your need to watch TV Shows, Hotstar Originals, Movies or Sports on Hotstar without ads and delay in time. You can use pretty much any Username and Password given in the article or use the cookie method to access to Premium subscription of Hotstar for free. Using the Cookie method, you will only be able to login to a Deksptop the sitethe and cannot be used in Mobile App. If you want to login to Hotstar Premium with your Mobile app then you can use anyone of the Premium Username and Password given or even use JioTV to access Hotstar Premium Contents easily.

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