Best Free Karaoke Apps for Android and iOS

If you do not have enough budget on buying musical instruments then free karaoke apps are what you are looking for. Karaoke Apps for Android lets you play your favorite instrument right in your smartphone itself.

Songs have been around us since the dawn of humanity. We used songs as a way to express our feelings and to deliver a message to the world. But now it is used primarily for entertainment purposes. Even if you are good at singing, you need some musical instruments to be the pro. But we can’t afford to buy all of the musical instruments and provide the manpower to play them everywhere we go.

free karaoke apps for android and ios

To solve this problem, we can always use a karaoke app on our mobile phones. As a music lover, you can always sing a song with background music running on our mobile phone. You don’t have to worry about the audience watching you sing, making a mistake while singing, and the best part is that you can record the song you sing. We introduce some of the best Karaoke Apps available in-store, which is used to record songs individually or as groups. We can also share it with our loved ones as well as in social media applications. Also take a look at some Audio Equalizer Apps to adjust the settings of single songs.

Best Karaoke Apps for Android and iOS


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SmartMaker is one of the most popular Karaoke App available in both Google Playstore and Apple Store. This app has more than 50 Million downloads used globally, and it is entirely free of cost.

StarMaker has a vast collection of songs from 60 different languages worldwide. You name the genre Pop, Hip hop, R&B, or folk; they have it in high quality. StarMaker gives us many options to sing, single, duet, group of friends, and even live broadcast is available.

Top features of this app are

  1. You can select the latest and popular songs from any language you prefer
  2. Record voice on different audio effects like Distant, Warm, Vinyl, Party, Fascinating, etc.
  3. Edit the sound with various pitch correction to make it feel like a pro.

SmartMaker (Free): Get it now

Smule- The Social Singing Application For Mobile Phones

With 100 Million downloads and 3 Million ratings on Google Play Store, Smule will be the most downloaded karaoke application. You can sing with the best voice in the country as well as with the boy next door.

You can sing with a cappella, solo or with your group of friends. If you ever feel bored to sing with the people you know, there are stars like Darshan Raval, Neha Kakkar, and Yasser Desai, whom you can sing duel.

Top features of this app are

  1. Record your audio you sing first and then add any video you want.
  2. Visual effects like smoke, fireflies, bubbles, etc can be added to the video.
  3. After recording the audio, we can use autotune the voice and make it more beautiful.

Smule (Free): Get it now

Karaoke Online Karaoke Application For Mobile Phones

With the Karaoke Online sing and record your voice on the internet. You will always need an active internet connection to use this app. The audio you record can be saved only in your profile as well as in your smartphones. Karaoke Online has more than 5 Million downloads and an average rating of 4.1 this is a great deal not to miss.

Top features of this app are

  1. Search your favorite songs and sing them anytime, anywhere.
  2. Talk to the search feature allows us to search the specific music without even typing the name of the song.
  3. Audio recording effects like echo, reverberation, etc. can be added while recording or after recording the audio.

Karaoke Online (Free): Get it now

Free Karaoke

free karaoke application

As the name says, Free Karaoke is free of cost and can be used offline and online. The search function can be used to search not only the songs but also the artists which makes it a better way to connect to music.

Supported Audio formats for recording songs are .MP3, .aac, .m4a (AAC), .wav, .FLAC, .ogg.

Top features of this app are

  1. You can record High-quality audio along with its custom features.
  2. Microphone beta can use a deep search in the music collection available in the database.
  3. Custom recording, along with additional sound variation features, gives the songs much more clarity after recording.

Free Karaoke (Free): Get it now

You can use MP3 Downloading apps to get any music of your choice for free as well.

All Free Hindi Karaoke Application For Mobile Phones

If you are looking for a karaoke app just for Hindi songs then you are in the right page. All the songs are free to use online and a vast variety of old and new Hindi songs are available in this application.

If you are a music lover and especially you like Hindi songs, then don’t hesitate to download and show your talent to the outside world. All free Hindi Karaoke app not only has a huge collection of Hindi song,s but also different languages are included.

Top features of this app are

  1. Powerful search engine to look through the latest and the old songs on the list.
  2. An option for downloading songs directly to SD Card is available
  3. Recording and singing sections are listed as different categories.
  4. Advanced UI for easy usage for users.

All Free Hindi Karaoke (Free): Get it now


SingPlay is a different karaoke app compared to the ones available in the market. The important feature of this app is that you can convert your MP3 songs into karaoke. Ie, removes the vocals and to download only the Karaoke.

If you search for music and you can’t find its karaoke, then this app is really helpful for you. After converting the MP3 to karaoke, you can add different types of sound effects like reverb, pitch, tempo.

Top features of this app are

  1. Remove or reduce the vocals of the audio.
  2. The lyrics of the songs can be added manually if not available in the songs.
  3. Pitch and tempo control with fast forward and rewind options.
  4. Can be used online as well as offline.

SingPlay (Free): Get it now

If you have a passion for singing then all these karaoke applications will be useful for you. Chase your dreams and reveal your singing talent to the world.