How to get Chegg Premium Account for Free

As you might already know Chegg is the one-stop solution for all your study related needs like course textbooks, online courses, 24*7 support, and even a math Problem solver. All the features mentioned above comes with the Chegg premium account but if you are on a limited budget then I will suggest you some ways by which you can access premium Chegg accounts for free and get all the premium content for Free

Chegg is a website used by millions of students all around the globe to access different study materials for their college, and school needs. The highlighted feature of Chegg is the renting feature, which lets you rent textbooks from the website for a period of time and return them back as per your convenience. How cool is the concept? If you do not really have enough money to afford all the textbooks for your current course then why not rent it from Chegg for a smaller amount or access the online courses that are available in Chegg, which will help you to score better marks in your academics.


Let’s say that a normal textbook costs you $10. The same book is available in Chegg for rent and you could get it for as low as $1 or less. If you have 10 Books to refer to then buying 10 books will cost you $100. Now do the math and you will get to understand that you could get all these books from Chegg for just $10 on a rental basis.

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Get Free Chegg Account – 2022

In short, Chegg is a lifesaver for almost all students out there and everyone loves using their service to study and collect materials for the same. Chegg is a premium service on offer and costs you $19.5 a month to access the premium version of the Chegg account. If you are someone who doesn’t have enough money to afford a premium Chegg account then this article is for you. In this article, I will share some methods by which you can actually access premium Chegg accounts for free without paying anything.

Here is the list of facilities that you will get from a Premium Chegg Account:

  • Rent expensive textbooks for a period of time and return it back after you are done with your work. This way you can save a lot of money which was used to buy Textbooks earlier.
  • Buy Used Textbooks – Chegg provides an option for individuals to sell their used Text Books Online and the other person can actually buy it from them for a cheaper price. So, it is a win-win situation for the parties. If you are done with your course then there is no point in keeping the book at your home. You can sell it via Chegg and you get an amount of money for the same. And the other person will get the exact same book at a cheaper price than the original one. If the new book costs you somewhere around $10 then you could get it as low as, maybe 4% or so.
  • Online Courses – You can do various Online Courses in the Chegg platform and improve your skills and rank higher in your classes. With the Chegg Premium Account, you can access all these features for FREE.
  • 24X7 Support – You can get your queries and doubts solved in realtime. Chegg Customer Executives are available down the clock to assist you and you can make use of their support team effectively.
  • Maths Problem Solver – Yes, you heard it right. Chegg comes with Maths problem solver which will help you to solve pretty much any Maths problem with line by line steps and explanation on the same. It will help you to do textbook exercises and even Homeworks. This feature is only available in Chegg Premium Account.

Free Chegg Trial

Chegg website comes with a trial option where anyone can preview their services before buying them. It’s like taking a quick test drive before purchasing the actual Chegg premium plans. The trial plan validity is for 14 days and for these 14 days you could access all the premium Chegg content for absolutely free.

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You can download all the materials within the trial period and then use them for future purposes. You can create a temporary fake email and create an account on to access the content for free for 14 days, which is really great.

free premium chegg accounts
  • Head over to website
  • Click on Create account button
  • Go to any temporary email website and grab an email from there
Temporary Email Address for Chegg
  • Go back to Chegg and fill in the details with the fake email that we created right now.
  • Verify your account and start your 14 days free trial.
  • Just simple as that

Get Unlimited Free Trial on Chegg

You can use the trick mentioned below to get unlimited validity on Chegg Premium. The trial validity is for 2 weeks or 14 days. But you need to create an account using the temporary email address and this way you can get an unlimited Chegg account for free without paying anything. All you have to do is just use any temporary email address service and register yourself with the email and details from there and you are all good to go. Repeat the same all over again and start a new 14 days trial again and this continues.

These are the two working methods to access Premium Chegg Accounts for free as of now.

I will suggest you make use of the trial option and get the job done. As of now, Chegg offers a free trial of 14 Days which is more than enough to download the materials and keep them offline on your phone or computer. If you are looking forward to using Chegg for one-time use only then the first register for the 14 days trial and then after it expires, start using the premium account.

How to get Chegg for free?

If you really want to access a Chegg account then I always prefer you to create a trial account and copy or download all the content for future purposes and keep it for reference. Chegg is definitely a lifesaver for many students out there and this is how we log in to Chegg with Chegg Account Username and Password. The math problem solver is the thing that I liked the most in Chegg. All you want to do is just snap a photo of the problem and BOOM, it will automatically solve it for you with step by step explanation.

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