GBWhatsApp APK 9.20 Download Latest Version [Anti Ban] – 2022

Download the latest version of GBWhatsApp 9.20 from the link below and follow the guide to get it installed on your device

GBWhatsApp is by far one of the oldest and best WhatsApp mods in terms of features and customization abilities. The latest version of the GBWhatsApp 9.20 version can be downloaded from the link below and you could easily install it. GBWhatsApp is available for all Android devices out there. If you are completely new to this, don’t worry I will also include a full tutorial on installing GBWhatsApp, Applying Themes, and other options as well

GBWhatsApp Latest Version- Updated

What is GBWhatsApp?

For those who don’t know what GBWhatsapp is, let me quickly tell you what it is all about. Simply saying, we can say that this is the Latest Modified version of official WhatsApp with many more features than official WhatsApp. WhatsApp was officially launched in 2007 and was acquired by Facebook later. In the recent [ast, WhatsApp became the Topmost used Messenger service all time. Many Modified version of WhatsApp is available today. WhatsApp Plus, OGWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp are few among them. This App that we are discussing in this article is somewhat different from all clone as mentioned earlier of WhatsApp.

Download GBWhatsApp Latest Version 9.20- 2022

The latest version of GBWhatsApp is available for both Rooted as well as the Non-Rooted device. Whether you have a Rooter or Non-Rooted device, it doesn’t matter. GBWhatsApp does not require any Root access.  Currently, I am using GBWhatsApp on my Smartphone, and it works like a charm. With GBWhatsApp you can also use Dual WhatsApp As Well, that means you can install GBWhatsApp and use it with number A and install and use Official WhatsApp with Number B. How cool is that?

GBWA App Information Latest Version [9.20]:

Newer versions of GBWhatsApp are, hereafter, developed and released by FouadMods.

App NameGBWhatsApp
App VersionLatest 9.20
Release Date06 Feb 2022
App Size~35MB (MegaBytes)
Total InstallsOver a Million
Mod ofWhatsApp

Download Link:

Download GBWhatsApp 9.20

Click the download link above and you can download the APK file of GBWA from there.

GBWhatsApp is the best Mod available for WhatsApp. No Ban or Account Block issue. Currently, GBWhatsApp is not available for iPhone. Maybe shortly. This App comes with many Privacy options like WhatsApp Plus. You can easily hide much stuff from others, Install a bunch of themes of your wish and what not.

GBWhatsApp Features

What makes GB WA different? Let’s see

  • New Themes
  • Much More Customization than WhatsApp Plus
  • Hide Last Seen, Online. Status, Double Tick
  • Audio & Video Calling Included

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Get iOS Styled WhatsApp Theme for Android WhatsApp

If you want to get that cool iOS WhatsApp to look in your Android WhatsApp then watch the video below.

Why use GBWA?

See what makes GBWhatsApp unique and How different is it from Official WhatsApp.

There are tons of features to explore in this App. One among them is the Extra-Hiding feature. Yes, I know Official WhatsApp does allow you to hide last seen and double ticks. But, what if you want to hide Last Seen only from a particular chat. (For Example, let’s say that you want to hide the Last Seen and Seen Tick only from your Teacher’s contact, in this situation, GBWhatsApp’s privacy feature comes in handy). Once you install the GBWhatsApp APK on your device, you will also get all these features in your WhatsApp account as well. Another exciting feature is that Normal WhatsApp allows you to send up to 25 photos at a time, but in GBWhatsApp you can send up to 90 photos at a time.

One of the primary stuff that makes GBWhatsApp different from others is the anti-ban feature. WhatsApp used to Ban or Suspended users who use third party modified Version of Official WhatsApp. GBWhatsApp is completely Anti-Ban features, so you won’t get banned for using it.

Requirements To Use GBWhatsApp

Make sure that you have all the things mentioned below ready for you. You will need them to use GBWhatsApp.

  • Enable Unknown Sources Application Installation by Going to your Smartphone’s Settings > Security > Check on Unknown Sources and Tap on OK Button.
Install GBWhatsApp
  • Download The Latest Version of GBWhatsApp from the link mentioned below.
  • A Working Internet connection, whether it be 3G,4G, Wifi, or even LAN.
  • Works well with the Rooted and Non-Rooted device.

Install GBWhatsApp on your Smartphone

Follow the step by step guide mentioned below and yourself install the latest version of GBWhatsApp without any hassle. Download links are mentioned right below after step number 1.

Step 1: Download the APK file with the GBWhatsApp Downloading below.

Download GBWhatsApp – 2022

Step 2: Once the download is complete, tap on it, and Install GBWhatsApp. (Make sure that Unknown Source enabled in the security setting of your device.)


Now GBWhatsApp 9.20 has been successfully installed on your device,

gbwhatsapp download

Step 3: Once Installed, Open GBWhatsApp

Step 4: Tap on “Agree and Continue”

Step 5: Enter your Mobile Number.

Step 6: Verify your Mobile Number with OTP (One Time Password)

Step 7: Now set an Account Name and DP

GBWhatsApp Settings Additional
GBWhatsApp Download Link

Now you are all ready to go. Start enjoy using GBWhatsApp on your phone.

GBWhatsApp APK 

Gbwhatsapp APK

Latest Themes Support

update gbwhatsapp
GBWhatsApp Themes
gbwhatsapp settings
GBWhatsApp Settings

What’s new in GB WhatsApp 9.20

  • BAN PRROF – Anti Ban Enabled
  • Base updated to 2.19.17
  • Send Private messages in WhatsApp Group
  • Emojis in the new version
  • @ Mention icon introduced
  • Customized look for the broadcast section
  • Auto Reply feature
  • Group Call
  • iOS theme available for WhatsApp Android
  • Upload and Share High-Quality Video and Images in the Status section.
  • Improved Privacy options
  • Minor Bug Updates
  • A new set of Emojis( You will love playing with them)
  • And Much More. Explore it all by yourself
GBWhatsApp Themes Library

Do you want to use 2 WhatsApp Accounts on a single phone? Are you a guy with more than two Sim? If yes, then you can easily install Two WhatsApp on your Phone. Our Dual WhatsApp trick will help you to Install and use 2 or Multiple WhatsApp simultaneously on your same device without any issue.


Here are some cool features that everyone should be aware of.

WhatsApp Themes

gbwhatsapp themes

GBWA comes preloaded with tons of themes in its Theme Library and is freely available to download. Are you bored of using the same WhatsApp UI for long and time and looking for a change? Then this is the feature that you are looking for. Just head over to GB Settings and click on Themes from the options and there you will see a bunch of themes that you can apply to GBWA.

Privacy Measures

gbwhatsapp privacy

GBWhatsApp is an absolute gem when it comes to user’s privacy concerns. This app provides more privacy than ant apps that are available on the Internet now. Some among the most used privacy features are Hide Onlne, Hide Last Seen, Hide Bluetick, Turn off Read Receipts, etc. Apart from all these, there are two cool features that you are really going to love. One is Always Stay Online and the other is always stay Offline.


whatsapp dnd

If you can’t focus on your works and your productivity reduces due to incoming WhatsApp Message and Calls notification then GBWA got you covered. Now, there is an exclusive option called DND by which you can cease all the notifications from the App. No more messages or calls will disturb you from your work.

If you want, you can also download the Older versions of the same app as well.

Below, We are sharing all the information you should know about GBWhatsApp and How to download it and Install it on your Smartphone absolutely for Free. If you guys have used WhatsApp Plus or FMWhatsApp, then I am sure that you guys are going to enjoy the New WhatsApp. But Wait! Before Going in, Let me tell you something about this App and its developer.

GBWhatsApp is a clone version of WhatsApp as stated above and is not owned by WhatsApp. Some developers Downloaded and Modified the existing app by adding more new cool features that everyone expects to be in WhatsApp. So, you got a brief I idea about GBWhatsAapp, Now let’s go further.

So, you got a brief Idea about GBWhatsApp. Now let’s go further. This article is being regularly updated with the latest version. so bookmarking this page will help you for future reference. There are many other WhatsApp modes as well. WhatsApp Plus, OGWhatsApp are some among them, also be sure to check them too. Theme customization part is one that most of the users love this Modded version of WhatsApp installer packages.

How To Install New Themes on GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp is known for its wide variety of Themes and customizations that are available in the App itself. You can also install any of these themes of your choice and change the entire look of WhatsApp itself. These Themes created by a lot of GBWhatsApp Developers and Fans. They are free to download and use. You are not required to pay anything to download themes and customization features from GBWhatsApp.

  1. Firstly, Open up GB WhatsApp (Download with the GB WhatsApp Download link above.)
  2. Tap on the three dots [mks_icon icon=”fa-ellipsis-v” color=”#dd3333″ type=”fa”] to open settings panel
  3. Tap on GB Settings from the options
  4. Under Themes tab, tap on Download Themes option to download newly added themes to GBWhatsApp themes gallery.
Install Themes in GBWhatsApp
  1. Select any theme of your choice.
  2. Tap on the Apply button and relaunch GBWhatsApp
Apply GBWhatsApp Themes

7. Voila! You have successfully installed a new GBWhatsApp theme.

What Makes GBWhatsApp Different From Official WhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp                       Official WhatsApp
Unlimited Theme SupportNo Theme Support
Chat Lock FacilityNo Chat Locking
Hide Blue Tick, Online Status, etcHide Double Tick Only
Always Online Mode – CoolNo such feature
Send up to 90 images at a timeSend up to 25 images at a time
Change IconOnly Default Icon support
Enhanced and Super Privacy OptionsLimited Privacy Features

Features of GBWhatsApp APK

  • Best WhatsApp Mod
  • Maximum Privacy settings
  • Hide last seen, blue tick, double tick
  • Always online and Offline mode
  • Send videos of larger size
  • Hide Chat
  • No Ban
  • New Emojis added
  • Sent more than 50 images in a go
  • Schedule Messages and Images
  • Use it for Dual WhatsApp
  • Group Name limit: 35 Char
  • Recall Sent WhatsApp Messages
  • Block Calls
  • Multilingual
  • Mods and Themes
  • Change Fonts
  • Change Chat Bubble style
  • Save Video/Image Status and Stories
  • Broadcast with 600+ People
  • DND Feature to keep stress free
  • Change Notification style
  • Clone Status to your ac
  • Text Status limit 25+ Char
  • Copy messages without copying name and time stamp

How to Install GBWhatsApp on PC

So, If you are one such person using WhatsApp in Computer or Laptop then you might want to run GBWhatsApp in your Computer, The below-given guide will tell you about Installing GBWhatsApp in your Windows or Mac Computer or Laptop.

  1. Firstly, Download Any Android Emulator or Droid4X
  2. Download the APK file of GB WhatsApp Download link above
  3. Now, drag and drop or Double click on the APK file from your PC to install it on your newly installed Android Emulator
  4. Open Android Emulator and click on the WhatsApp icon from the App Drawer
  5. Register for a fresh new account or import your existing WhatsApp Account to  GBWhatsApp.
  6. That’s it; we have successfully installed GBWhatsApp on our Computer.

GBWhatsApp for iOS | iPhone

If you are looking to download GBWhatsApp for Apple devices running iOS like iPad and iPhone then there is a piece of bad news for you. GBWA is not available for any Apple devices as it comprises the so-called security measures taken by Apple. If you don’t know, Apply is very much concerned about the security and privacy of people using an iPhone. Apple doesn’t allow installations of App from unknown sources. You will be only allowed to download Apps from their own App Store. iOS is not an open-source like Android where developers can test and add a whole bunch of features and settings while that is not possible in iOS.

gbwhatsapp for ios

Android is the most developer-friendly mobile operating system as of now and iOS is nowhere close to it. If you check you can see that Android is having different modified versions like the Oxygen OS, MIUI, EMUI, One UI, etc but iOS doesn’t have any modification like that. That is why Apple is so concerned about its user’s security. A developer could inject some sort of malicious code into any app and thus making it vulnerable to security issues and hacking attempts. So Apple has limited people from installing any Apps from external sources including WhatsApp Mods.

It’s true that you could gain a lot more features if you jailbreak iPhone but the fact is that there are no Mods as of for iPhone based on WhatsApp. Let’s hope the developer might bring one in the future.


Here are some most asked questions about GBWhatsApp and its applications.

What is GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp is a modded version of WhatsApp with added features and options. There are hundreds of features that are not readily available on the official version of WhatsApp.

How do I Download GBWhatsApp?

It’s very simple to download the app. You can use the download link above and written installation instructions to convert your existing WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp.

Is it safe to use GBWhatsApp?

Yes, GBWhatsApp is 100% safe as per the developers and you can monitor the HTTP requests sent by the app to verify if it is safe or not.

How can I update my Gbwhatsapp?

You can update GBWhatsApp to the latest version by visiting this page at the time when a newer versions pop out. We will regularly update the article with the latest download link/version.

Is this version of GBWa is Anti-Ban enabled?

Yes. As WhatsApp started banning all the accounts using modded versions of WhatsApp, the developers of GBWhatsApp has come with a new modded version that has the feature called Anti Ban. This APK will spoof the WhatsApp system they won’t be able to detect you that easily and in turn reducing the probability of Account Ban.

Is GBWhatsApp available for iPhone?

As of now, GBWhatsApp is not available for iOS and iPhone devices. The primary reason is that Apple is very very strict when it comes to security and app modification. You can’t install any app on any iOS devices outside the Apple App Store nor do they allow developers to publish a modded version of Apps on the App Store.

Can we use GBWhatsApp along with Official WhatsApp?

Yes, you can easily use GbwhatsApp along with the official WhatsApp from the play store. There won’t be any conflicts between two apps and you can freely start using both the apps side by side without much of big issues. In fact, GBWhatsApp is meant to be used as Dual WhatsApp and Multiple WhatsApp on a single phone.

Final Words

I hope you guys downloaded and Installed GBWhatsApp successfully on your Android Device. Above mentioned is the easiest ever method to install the latest version of GBWhatsApp on any Android Device. Those who have bored with the Official WhatsApp can easily change their WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp today itself, and it’s completely free. After setting up Whatsapp you can also Add Cool WhatsApp Group Names and start using it

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