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Privacy Policy is a page that every blog must have, Which will share information like Information collected by the website when an user visits the blog, Cookie policies, Ad networks used etc.

I order to get an Adsense account approved one of the must need page is the Privacy Policy Page.Basically this page on a blog will share the information collected the website to the user who seeks for it.This will make them understand how your blog collects user data and your cookies work, Which will gain user’s trust on your blog.

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For newbie bloggers writing and creating a Privacy Policy page is an extreme difficult task, But no worry.Because there are many online service, Many free and paid websites which will generate a Privacy Policy page as per your requirements and need.

There are many site which offers us Generate Privacy Policy page,Today we are using one such Privacy Policy Generator which is off course Free.

You are not required to pay a single penny for making this Privacy policy page.As per our requirements they will create a branded  privacy policy page for you in free of cost.

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Let’s start .

Today for this tutorial we are using serpRank Privacy Policy page generator(FREE)

1. Visit serpRank Privacy Policy page generator

Type your website URL and your email address

3. Next, If your blog uses cookies then select “Yes, we use cookies” option and if you don’t use cookies in your blog then click  “No we don’t use cookies” option under USE OF COOKIES tab

Select the ad networks you use in your blog listed there like Google Adsense

5. Now agree to their policies and click generate Privacy Policy page


Now you will get a Page were the privacy policy information regarding your blog is listed with your specified email address.

Copy this page and paste it in to your privacy policy page

On Blogger ;

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard > Pages

2. Now click on Create New or Edit existing Privacy Policy page

3. Paste the content from serprank to your page and finally publish

WordPress and other CMS users also follow this Settings itself

Check our Privacy Policy page : IPEE World’s Privacy Policy Page

See how easily we made a Privacy Policy page for our blog, Which outstanding and good one.

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