Get A Adsense Certificate By Completing An Adsense Course

Recently, Google has introduced a new program “Adsense Course” to understand more and deep about Google Adsense. First you need to watch some explanation video and other resources that will improve your Adsense knowledge. Finally after watching all this videos you need to complete an exam or assessment which will lead you the way to get Adsense certified certificate

Participating alone in this program and simply watching those video will not make you eligible for a Adsense certified Certificate.

If you listen to the videos well and have some basic knowledge about Adsense, How it works then you will be able to complete and get an Adsense Certified Certificate

Screenshot of a windows from Course :

AdSense certification

Once you do win in the final assessment you will be presented with a nice Certificate certified by Adsense itself

If you got a busy work then you can stop now and continue when you are free.Participating and getting an adsense certificate will not make proud your self as google does not have a strong evaluation or an examiner.

But you can do present it in your blog, Facebook account and page, And other mass social medias like Twiter etc.,

How To Get It ?

You can yourself register for the free course here at “Optimizing Adsense Course” by visiting HERE

Here is an Example of Adsense certificate

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