How To Get Google Assistant On Any Android Phone

How To Get Google Assistant On Any Android Smartphone

Google is constantly working on developing something new for its users.Google Assistant is one such program developed by Google for it’s Android Smartphones.We all know that major companies like Apple have Siri and Windows have Cortana as their smartphone assistant and now Google too has one called “Google Assistant“.

Google recently, introduced their new flagship model smartphone named “Google Pixel”.This is the first ever device to come branded with Google itself.Now Google Assistant is only available on Pixel Smartphones and no other smartphones are having this feature.

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But Now, How can you get this Google Assistant feature on your Smartphone? That’s why you are here.Today in this Article I will explain all detailed steps for getting Google Assistant on your Android Device.


How To Get Google Assistant in your Device?

The trick for getting Google Assistant feature in your Device is different for both Marshmallow and Nougat users.Follow the below given tutorial step by step according to your Device.

For Android Marshmallow:

Step 1: Firstly, Your device must have Xposed Installer installed.

Get google assistant on marshmallow
Step 2: Once you have installed Xposed Installer, Open it up.
Step 3: Go to Download section, and search for “Assistant enabler” module and install it.

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Step 4: Go to Modules tab and tick mark on “Assistant Enabler”.

Step 5: Now Restart your Device.
Voila, After Restart you will get Google Assistant feature on your Phone.

For Android Nougat:

Step 1: Firstly, Download and Install ES File Explorer from Google Play Store(Ignore if already installed).
Get-google-assistant-on-android-nougatStep 2: Open the ES File Explorer
Step 3: Swipe from the left and click on Enable Root Explorer and grant permission.
Step 4: Open Device’s Slash Directory and open System folder.
Step 5: Open “build.prop” file with ES File Editor,tap on dots and click on Edit Now.
Step 6: Now enter the code given below at the bottom of the “build.prop” file.
ro.product.model=Pixel XL
Step 7: Save Changes.
Step 8: Restart your Device
Step 9: After reboot, Open Play Store and Update “Google Now” application.
Step 10: Now go to settings > Apps > Google App > Manage Space > Clear Data
Now open the Google Now application and long click on the Home button, Google Assistant will open up.Now setup it for first time and make it yours.

Final Words

That’s it, see how simple it was to Install Google Assistant feature on any Android smartphone.
Google Assistant feature is only available on Google-branded Pixel Smartphones, if you don’t have a Pixel smartphone, then follow the above-mentioned tutorial and get it installed on your device.
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