Get Old Snapchat Design – Millions of users are Sick: Snapchat’s new design

Snapchat old design

Millions of users are upset over Snapchat’s last major update – the revised interface is a disaster for many. But, there is a way back for Android smartphones. We’ll show you how to restore the old design of the app.

WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Skype – they all stole the story feature from Snapchat. So far it has always seemed like Snapchat is not a problem, even though Instagram Stories are now being used by more people than Snapchat itself. The Snapchat users are finally loyal to their colorful favorite app for sure?.. Our editors say The new design will remain to exist maybe some of the new features will be removed and if this app brings the option to save snapchat stories that will make peoples forget about this new design.

Thousands of angry tweets – and even a petition with over a million signatures collected: The redesign of Snapchat incensed numerous users of the Messenger app. The network app for Android and iPhone counts over 5 million users in the United States – and many are now complaining loudly about lost streaks, the confusing design and where did the stories actually go? In today’s first update right after the big redesign, nothing remorseful can be seen the unwanted layout remains. As a small consolation, Snapchat donates us GIFs as stickers, which have been on Instagram for several weeks, and the friend’s list can be divided into tabs for a better overview in the future.

If you are one of the desperate Snapchat users and have an Android smartphone, we have some good news for you. With older version of Snapchat APK , you can at least now switch back to the old design and find everything back in the usual place and it’s not even really complicated.

How to Get Snapchat in the old design: Undo update

The new update summarizes stories and snaps, and comes with the “Discover” panel.

Get Old Snapchat Layout

Unfortunately, because the design update is distributed across all the latest versions of Snapchat, in most cases, it does not help to just re-install the app. This Snapchat APK is from November 2017 and still brings the old interface – the stories to the right of the main screen, the snaps on the left.

To switch back to the older design of SC, you must first uninstall the current version of Snapchat and then download the 2017 update of Snapchat from ApkMirror.

Once downloaded just install it on your device, after the installation you can simply log in to you account with your credentials and you can use Snapchat in the usual design.

To prevent future updates, you should then disable the automatic updates for Snapchat in the Play Store. So you can continue to use the old user interface for now and can do without the ugly update – and who knows, maybe Snapchat yes the pressure of angry users and makes the changes back undone?

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