Get this Vintage Apple Retail Sign Through Auction; starts at $20,000

vintage apple retail sign

Apple changed the whole personal computing ecosystem with the introduction of PCs and made them available to everyone. Back in the days, it was not that simple to get your hands onto a Personal Computer unless you have thousands and thousands of dollars to spend. Apple changed the whole concept and started making affordable personal computers for everyone.

Apple, as a company has a rich history dating all the way back to 1976. Now, a Vintage Apple Retail Sign which is 4 by 5 foot in size is up for auction. It is owned by an authorized Apple reseller and came to know about the company from the beginning itself. It was at that time when Apple introduced the Apple I.

This vintage sign features the iconic colorful rainbow logo of Apple. Apple has done lots of logo revisions ever since the company started and this is one among them. Steve Jobs chose this logo at that point in time because this logo had all the colors in the rainbow and which was one of the highlighted features of the Apple II computer. Back in the days, it was a big deal to have a colorful display and Apple started the trend. This was designed by Designer Ron Janoff of Regis McKenna Advertising agency. They made the shift to this logo from the Newton logo.

Now this retail sign of Apple is up for auction and you can get it for yourself. The bid price starts at around $20,000 and up. The auction is live and you can participate as well. Here is the link to the live auction page where you can place your bid for the Vintage Apple Retail Sign from 1978.

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