How to Get Unlimited Real Instagram Followers [1000/Day]

Are you struggling to Get Real Followers on your Instagram Account or looking for working methods to Increase Instagram Followers count? If yes, this article will show you how. The tips and tricks mentioned in this article will help you to Increase Instagram Followers and Likes count by a huge margin and let’s see HOW?

Instagram is the most popular photo and video sharing Social Media platform out there. Facebook once used to rule the entire Social Media world but now it’s the Instagram time. Instagram is getting popular every day and thousands of people create new account Insta on a daily basis. The platform is already having 700 million+ active users and it’s growing rapidly.

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Unless you are a big brand or a celebrity, it’s really hard for you to get huge Followers count not just on Instagram but on any other Social Media Platforms. So, we will have to apply some tricks to get the most out of Instagram and then convert it to real active Followers. Well, let’s see.

Increase Instagram Followers – 100K

There are both legit and fake methods to get followers for your Instagram account. Auto Followers and Bot accounts are actually fake methods of getting Instagram Followers and they won’t help you in the long run. We will be only talking about Legit methods that you need to follow to increase Instagram followers for free.

Watch the video tutorial for getting effective tips to Skyrocket Instagram Followers in a few hours!

Tips for getting Unlimited Instagram Followers

In this section, I will share some unique tips and tricks that will help you to skyrocket your Instagram followers in a few days. This is basically an optimization guide and optimizing your account for followers plays a crucial role in getting likes, comments, share and follower to your account.

1. Use of Hashtags to get Insta Followers

Hashtags on Instagram are a powerful tool to get quick followers in realtime. The thing is really simple, all you want to do is just copy-paste the Hashtag cloud given below to every new post and let the Hashtags do magic for you. Here onwards, whenever you are about to post a new video or photo on your Instagram account make sure that you copy-paste the tags given below or search and find some tags that have a lot of followers.

increase instagram followers

In the recent update, we can follow Hashtags and all the hashtags mentioned above have millions of followers all around the globe. When you type in a particular hashtag from the list, the probability of your post being seen by millions of active people on Instagram is increasing a lot. So, it is always better to add Hashtags to your upcoming Instagram posts to get more exposure.

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2. Location Tagging

Let’s say that you snapped a picture from the XYZ location. Now, Instagram has a feature where you can link or tag that particular location with your post. You snapped a pic from XYZ location and mentioned the same in location tag on Instagram, next time onwards whenever a person visits that particular location tag they will be able to see the post from you and this way there are chances that they might follow you if they like your contents.

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For example, the location “New York” already has 100k+ posts and it is one of the most popular locations on Instagram and if you happen to take the picture from there you can easily tag it and get potential followers easily.

3. Stay within your Theme

If you are account is based on travel niche then you should make sure that you only post contents related to travel. All the existing followers are there on your account to see contents related to traveling, hiking, drive, etc and don’t post off-topic stuff like Cooking, Sports, Tech or anything of that sort. In short, make sure that you post content according to your niche and don’t deviate from it anyway.

Also, make sure that you add some relevant captions to your Instagram Posts, you can look for some Instagram Caption Ideas Here.

4. Watermark your Contents

There are possibilities that other people might repost your photos or videos in their account without giving you any credit. In this situation, Watermarking helps a lot. Be sure to add a small logo of your or just the Insta username anywhere in the image with opacity less than 50%. Next onwards, even if someone posts your content without giving you any credits, viewers can understand the post is from you by looking at the Watermark.

5. Convert to Business Profile

Business accounts on Instagram come with some amazing features that normal users doesn’t enjoy. You can get detailed insights about your followers from the Insights tab that is available in Business Accounts. From there, you can get data like the percentage of Male and Female followers, Country from your followers are, The most active timing, etc. We are going to take a look at the most active timing here.

unlimited instagram followers trick

Let’s say that I want to post a photo on Monday, I will go to the Insights tab and pull the active timing data for Monday, I will post the photo at the peak time shown in the graph below. This is the time when most followers will be active and online and there are quite a lot of possibilities of getting more reach and likes for your post if you do it in this way.

Method 2: Batch Following

In this method, we will mass follow people in bulk and then unfollow them who did not follow us back. This way we can get some followers and after some time we can unfollow them also. By spending 5 Minutes daily you can get hundreds of real and genuine followers to your followers’ list.

  • First of all, go to Popugram Instagram handle
  • Tap on the Followers section and there you will be able to see thousands of followers from all around the globe
  • Simply follow a good number of people every hour and they will follow you for sure.
  • After they followed, you can use Unfollowers for the Instagram app to unfollow these people and get real followers quickly.

Final Words

These are some working methods to Increase Instagram Followers easily. If you are someone who is struggling to get your first few hundreds or thousands of followers then this is a must for you guys. Follow the tips mentioned in the first part and make sure that your account is well optimized for followers. Alternatively, you can also use the second method to get a bunch of followers quickly in a short span of time.

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