What it Takes for a Blog to Get Alexa Rank Below 10,000

Get Your Blog's Alexa Ranking Below 10,000 In Next 1 Month

For any Blog, Alexa Ranking is one of the most important factors that scales the popularity of the particular blog.Alexa Ranking changes every time and keeping our Blog ranked High is not a Difficult task.

Getting a Blog’s Alexa Ranking below 10,000 is one the Big Dream that Blogger has.There are many Blogger’s Who have achieved this Milestone.Bloggers from India like Harsh Agarwal, Amith Agarwal etc have their Blog rank below 10,000.

Even Advertisers use Alexa for Advertising their Ads in your Blog.If you have a Good Alexa Rank, then Advertisers will definitely contact you asking, To Advertise their Ads in your Blog.

Alexa Ranking changes almost every day and maintaining the Ranking is not a Hill Climbing task.

Today in this Article I will be sharing the circumstances need for bringing your Alexa Ranking below 10,000 in next Three Months.

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Traffic Needed For Bringing Your Blog’s Alexa Ranking Below 10,000

Alexa has it’s own Algorithm and it is running on their specially Designed Alexa Algorithm which scales and judge a Blog/Website’s Popularity. Alexa Works by checking the count of Visitors you get in your blog. Not all Visitors are counted by Alexa, Only Visitors with Alexa Toolbar Installed in their Web Browser is counted by Alexa.
Below given is a Rough Estimation:
  • If you get 150 people who installed Alexa Toolbar every day then you should get an Alexa Ranking below 100,000 in the next one month.
  • To get Alexa Ranking Below 50,000 you should get about 250-300 per day.
  • To get Alexa Ranking  Below 20,000 you need to get around 500-600 visits, who have installed Alexa Toolbar.
  • To get Alexa Ranking below 10,000 you need to get around 800-999 visitors per day who have installed Alexa Toolbar.
  • If you have about 1000-2000 visitors who installed Alexa toolbar then you can easily get your Alexa below 5000 in the next one month.

Who install Alexa Toolbar on their browser:

Generally, Its people like Bloggers, Web Masters, SEO’s, Geeks and Designers  install Alexa toolbar on their browser.

How To Increase Your Blog’s Alexa Ranking in Next 1 Month:

Below given Articles will help you to maintain and Increase your Blog’s Alexa Ranking in a Short period of time.
And Finally Installing Alexa Widget in your blog will definitely increase your Alexa Ranking by 200%

Hope this article helped you.

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