GetSiteControl Review: Perfect Widget Partner For Your Blog/Website

I recently started using GetSiteControl in my blog and it’s just awesome.After using it more than 3 months, Now I am writing a quality Review about GetSiteControl and How it works.

If you have a blog or website, then you will understand How important it is to engage and interact with your Readers.The most common method for Interacting with your Blog Readers is through using some widgets like survey, Contact ,Opt-in Form, Recommendation widget etc.,If you want to use any of three widgets at the same time, then you should probably Install three different widgets on your Blog.

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Installing too many widgets to your Blog will make your site load very slow and also it will affect your Blog Ranking and Drops your search Engine Ranking.

In this  situation, GetSiteControl really helps every Blogger and website owners.Now, let us see what are the unique widget they provide, How it works etc.

How GetSiteControl works?

GetSiteControl helps us to add, edit and access all widget used in our Blog from a single Control Panel or GetSiteControl Dashboard. By using GetSiteControl  you can increase your Visitor user engagement in your site.

GetsiteControl Features:

  • FREE as well as PRO plan
  • Easy to Use
  • Unlimited Customization
  • User Targeting
  • Content Behavior settings

Widget Powered By GetSiteControl:

Follow widget:
This widget helps you to add a link to your Major Social Profile page along with its Logo.The Social Networks include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest.You are free to decide which Social Profile link  Should appear in  your website.
Share widget:
This kind of share widget helps your visitor directly Share a particular page to their favourite Social Network within a single click.Using this widget you can really Increase your Traffic from Social Media.
Subscribe widget:
Subscribe widget help us to collect user’s Email address and you can create a huge Mailing list of your Users to send updates about your Blog.This widget really helps to add more user to your Mailing list and Newsletter service.
Promo widget:
Promo get will be very helpful when you want to show a Notice, Alert, Discount Coupon, New Articles in your Blog to your Visitor as a Popup.You can use Image and other Clipart to make more Attractive and stunning.
Survey widget:
If you want to conduct a survey in your Blog about something, then you can add this widget.This widget acts as a survey Popup and let users answer to your Questions.
Contact widget:
When your Visitor or Reader want to contact you, then this particular widget become handy and easy to Contact you in a Single click.
Chat Widget:
You can add your own Live Chat support to your Blog and let users connect you online from your Website itself.This helps your Readers to clear Doubt, send feedback and all.

Plans and Pricing:

GetSiteControl have three unique Package : i) FREE ii) PRO and iii) PLUS
Free package will be enough for you if you are just started.You can use Pro or Plus package when you have good earnings and more Visitors.

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