Google Assistant to Get Voice-Confirmation Feature for Purchases

Google Assistant gets voice payment confirmation option
Source: Android Police

Google Assistant is by far the best voice assistant as of now. Google keeps on adding new features to make it even more user friendly and easy to use.

As spotted by Android Police, Google Assistant now gets the ability to make payments with your voice. You can purchase something and make the payment your voice match registered on Google Assistant.

New Voice Based Payment Confirmation on Google Assistant

The new feature on Google Assistant makes it easy for people to confirm purchase and make payment. Making payments using Google Assistant is not new. The platform already had support for authorizing payment using screen lock and fingerprint. This is will come in handy when you are making payments via Next Hub or any other Google Assistant integrated devices.

This new option for voice match based payment confirmation is found inside the settings page of Google Assistant. Open Settings > Payments and you will now find a new option for this. This option is currently under the developmental stage and only a few people got this already.

To see if you have got the feature, just open Google app > More > Settings > Google Assistant > You > Payments. This is where you will find the newly introduced options. Under the Payments tab a new option called “Confirm with Voice Match” can be found. Enabling this will take you to a setup page where you need to configure it to work.

As per Android Police, they were able to find this new feature on Google App version v11.8.7.21. So this version or newer version will hopefully have the feature.

As payments with Google Assitant feature is not yet available in India, users won’t get it here anytime soon.

The “Confirm with Voice Match” feature is currently available on a bunch of supported devices. Google has even modified support documentation to include the new future. So it will be live to the public in the near future itself.

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