Google Chrome 81 Brings Tab Grouping Feature

google chrome 81 update

Google has rolled out the latest version of Google Chrome with the new ‘Tab Grouping’ feature. If you are a Chrome user then you might have already understood how hard is to manage 20+ open tabs in Google Chrome. Well, that’s all changed with the new update. Chrome version 81 brings the much-awaited Tab Grouping feature that will surely increase your productivity.

Earlier, Chrome users were using multiple Chrome windows for different projects. But that’s not the case anymore. You can efficiently manage all tabs for different projects from one window itself. This is where ‘Tab Grouping’ comes into play. After the update, users can right-click on any active tab and click on the ‘Add to new group’ button. It will create a new tab group where you can add all other associated tabs as well. Just drag and drop other Chrome tabs that you need to include to that particular group and everything will be grouped and organized.

Furthermore, users are also given plenty of customization opportunities as well. You can set a color of your choice for the group header dot. You can select a color for every different group so that you can identify them more easily. It is always better to use a short name for every group as you can save some more space on the tabs bar.

To get the Tab Grouping feature, you are required to update to the latest version Google Chrome version 81. You can go to About > Update, and update Chrome from there. If you don’t find the feature even after updating then you might want to search and enable a chrome flag. Just type ‘chrome://flags/#tab-groups’ in the address bar and hit enter. Enable the flag and you will get the feature enabled.

Tab management has always been an issue for the majority of Google Chrome users. For the first time after 11 years of launch, Chrome is getting this feature. Some other chrome rivals were having this feature already and some issues like a Security problem, data concerns in Chrome also made people move away from Google. Now there’s one more reason to keep using Google Chrome as your daily driver.

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