Google Chrome Gets Big Security Updates and UI Changes

Chrome new security changes and ui changes

The next update of Google Chrome web browser is going to be big one because Google has planned a lot and implemented them. The new version of Google Chrome will come with enhanced security features and some UI changes that gives more priority to security.

Google is planning to better arramge options and settings according to their priority. Now, Google will show the Cookies option to the top of the privacy and security tab as Google want everyone to know more about it and how it works. Under the general settings tab, all the cookie options now gets a much detailed description so that less tech savvy person could understand what it is all about.

Similarly, the extensions icon is now grouped and added next to the profile icon. This will show all the active and used extensions right there. As of now, the extension icons will appear next to the address bar. If user wants, they can also pin it as well.

With this update, Google will only block third-party cookies while using incognito mode. Other leading browsers like Safari and Firefox had already employed similar measure to safeguard iser’s privacy.

The new safety check option in Google Chrome will show the user if any password or other credentials has been ever breached. It will also advice you to instantly change the password as well. Well, this option is still available in Google Chrome, so it’s not that new.

Another intersting feature is the Enhanced Safe Browsing option. Upon enabling this option, Chrome will automatically share suspicous link with Google and they could better find spammy and phishin websites. This data will be used by Chrome to give warnings to all users and also block those webpages. When enabled, it will also analyze spammy phishing links from Gmail as well.

DNS-over-HTTPS, minor and major UI changes, and other security options are other major changes with this new update. All users will get the new update in coming few weeks.

You can read about full changes and upcoming feature at Chrome Blog

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