Google is shutting down Neighbourly App after 2 years of launch

google shuts down neighbourly

Neighbourly is an experimental app from Google launched back in mid-2018. This app allowed users to learn and know about their neighborhoods by asking other residents over there. But Neighbourly failed to grow as expected and didn’t attain much momentum. Now Google announced they are shutting down Neighbourly on the 12th of May this year.

The app was first introduced as a test in Mumbai to let you get closer to your neighborhood by asking experts and residents of that particular place. And in the second phase, Google further expanded its services to a few more cities. But, it failed to attain people’s attention and eventually failed.

In an email sent to all Neighbourly users, Google said, “We launched Neighbourly as a Beta app to connect you with your neighbors and make sharing local information more human and helpful. As a community, you’ve come together to celebrate local festivals, shared crucial information during floods, and answered over a million questions. But Neighbourly hasn’t grown as we had hoped. In these difficult times, we believe that we can help more people by focusing on other Google apps that are already serving millions of people every day.”

So, it’s clear why Google is shutting down Neighbourly, it failed to grow as expected by Google.

Hereafter, Google suggests everyone to use Google Maps Local Guide to help people in your locality and find answers related to that particular area. Google Maps Local Guide will help you add reviews, ratings, images, etc about a particular place. Similarly, users will also be able to view them directly on the Google Map app.

You will be able to download the app until October 12 and will completely shut it down on the 12th of May 2020.

Following Google+, Inbox, Allo, now Neighbourly also joins the club of unsuccessful products/services from Google.

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