Google Maps Now Highlights and Shows Takeout, Delivery Button on Homepage

google maps takeout and delivery buttons update
Source: 9to5Google

As the majority of the people stay inside homes in order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, It became more important to rely on Food Delivery services as we might run out of things. In this situation, to help people, Google Maps has come up with a new update where it shows Restaurants with Delivery and Takeout options highlighted on the homepage itself. This feature was available in Google Maps from some time now, but if you were to find these options you should have done at least 5 or 6 additional clicks or taps.

To make things easier and help people this option is now readily available on the Gmaps homepage itself. Tapping on either of these two buttons will take you to Google Maps listings where either of these two options is available.

‘Takeout’ and ‘Delivery’ options were first spotted by 9to5Google on the Google Maps app. This feature is now live in the US, where the Affected people count is rising every single day. Reports also suggest that the feature is also available to some users in France. This feature is not yet live on any other countries as of now. But Google will definitely bring the update to other countries like India where the numbers keep on growing.

Users could also order food directly from the Google Maps itself. This feature is live on Google Maps for some time now. The takeout and delivery update features are now available on both Android as well as the iOS version of Google Maps.

Furthermore, it is good to see such giant companies coming up with new features to help the people in needful situations like this. Earlier, Skype introduced the ‘Meet Now’ feature which lets users do Video Calling without registering or installing the Skype app. Similarly, Snapchat also introduced two lenses in partnership with the World Health Organisation to share tips and social distancing with the help of AR.