Google Meet to soon get background blur option

Google Meet to soon get background blur feature

Google is planning to add the ‘Background Blur’ feature to the Google Meet app. Microsoft Teams and Zoom, the two biggest rivals of Google Meet is already having this feature. Anyway, Google is late to the party, but Google is trying to make the app better and better day by day.

Video conferencing apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc has seen a sudden surge in the number of users due to coronavirus pandemic. Every one of these apps is competing with the other by introducing new features and options.

9to5Google has spotted a line of code in the latest version of Google Meet 41.5 and it shows the existence of an option to add background blur. So it’s for sure that the Google Meet app will get the feature in the near future.

Google Duo already had a feature similar to this called “Portrait Mode”. So it is almost confirmed there.

On the other hand, Microsoft Teams and Zoom both are having this feature for some time now.

9to5Google spotted the feature in the mobile app of Google Meet. Soon after introducing the feature on the mobile app, we can expect Google to introduce the same on the web version as well. Google Meet is originally a service designed for enterprise and business users and the majority of them use the Web version of Google Meet, so it makes sense to add the feature to the web version as well.

Google Meet saw a sudden increase in the installation soon after making the platform free for everyone until Septemeber. The number of downloads on Google Play Store at the beginning of March was somewhere around 5 million, but it skyrocketed to 50 million last week.

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