Google Meet Video Conferencing Service Now Free For Everyone

google meet no freely available

Up until now, Google Meet was only made available to G Suite enterprise or education customers. But now Google has made Google Meet freely accessible for anyone.

As of now, one could add as many as 100 people in a video conference without any limit in the duration of the call. Anyone with a Google account will be able to create and join group meetings easily.

As of now, video conferences can last any amount of time, but after the 30th of September, it will be limited to just 60 minutes.

People not explicitly added to a video conference via calender invite will be automatically sent to a green room when they try to join a video conference. Upon approval from the host, they will be able to be a part of the meeting.

The popular online video conferencing service Zoom saw a sudden surge in the userbase following the Coronavirus pandemic. Lots of educational institutions and corporate companies make use of Zoom to do video conferencing and increased its popularity. But Zoom was discovered with lots of security issues and Meetings were up for sale in Dark Web.

It is the perfect time for Google to capture the market. People looking for a Zoom alternative now got good and reliable service and that too from the big G.

The legendary Hangouts Meet is no more. The company has renamed it’s Hangouts service and revamped it as Google Meets.

Google Meet now supports the Brady Bunch style of putting all participants in a grid format. Users will be able to use the grid format video conferencing both on the mobile app as well as the web version.

Aromal VG
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