“Google News” Receives All-Time High Search Volume Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

google news search volume reaches all time high

Google Trends is a service from Google which shows us statistics about a keyword’s search volume and current trend. As per Google Trends, the keyword “Google News” hits its all-time high search volume in the United States.

As the pandemic is spreading rapidly in the US, people are more anxious about the same and to keep themselves updated they use Google News. Related keywords like ‘Google News about Coronavirus’, etc also receives high search volumes.

Google trends won’t provide us with exact numbers or figures, but the data given provides some info and the current trend of that particular keyword. For ‘Google News’, the search trend till December 2019 as 25% and now it rose all the way up to 100% making it reach the all-time high record ever since Google Trends started publishing the search data from 2004.

google news search data

The term “Google News” has less than 25% of searches until December 2019. Then the number grew to 50% by mid-January and dropped again a little bit. Later reached 100% by March and this is the all-time highest number for Google News ever.

Similarly, the keyword “Coronavirus” saw an increase from 0% to all the way up to 100% in this 2 months time span. The same results are also available in Google Trends.

corona virus search volume

Google News is one of the best sources to stay updated with the latest info on COVID-19. Google News even has a separate section for COVID-19 News at the top left corner. Clicking the on the COVID-19 + icon will take you to a page where you can find all the information about the pandemic and latest buzz as well.

covid 19 news section google news

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