Google Search App Gets Dark Mode in Android and iOS

Google Search App gets Dark Mode

Google has finally started rolling out dark mode to it’s search app. It’s been sometime that everyone were waiting for Google to push this update and it’s finally here.

Starting today, the roll out process has started. As per Google, it might take up to a week for everyone to get the option globally.

Google is slowly adding dark mode feature to every of it’s apps. In the past, apps like YouTube, Play Store, Calendar, etc got dark mode. Now the Google app also got dark mode, but still there are tons of other apps in the queue like Google Maps.

The update will be made available to both Android as well iOS users. After the update is done, the app will automatically detect he primary mode of operating system and set the theme accordingly. If your phone’s theme is already set to dark then it will be applied.

User could also manually enable the dark mode by going to Google App’s Settings > General > Theme and select Dark.

Google announced the availability of Dark mode in it’s app via Twitter.

If your device runs on Android 10 or iOS 13, the app will reflect the system settings.

After the update is done and if your device supports dark mode, next time you open the Google app, you will be able to see a popup at the bottom of the screen from where which you can easily enable dark mode.

Not just Google, almost all other leading companies are trying to incorporate dark mode to their apps. Facebook has rolled out Dark mode to four of its apps including Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram. Similarly, many other companies have also done the same. Actually Google is kind of late to the party, I guess.

This dark mode feature is one among the much awaited feature and will definitely help you reduce eye strain. Users might want to wait for up to 1 week for this update to fully roll out.

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