Google Wants Advertisers To Do Identity Verification To Be More Transparent

google mandates advertisers to complete identity verification

Almost 70% of Google’s income comes from online advertisements, and advertisers play a major role in it. Now Google mandates every advertiser on their platform to complete identity verification. This is done as many advertisers made use of the platform to share misinformation or conducted fake campaigns.

Google is now making its advertisement system more transparent. Users like us who see ads now can view details about the advertisers like their company details, country, preference, etc.

As you can see in the screenshot below. Clicking on the small down arrowhead on any ad will bring up two new options. The first one is ‘Why this ad?’ and the second is ‘About the advertiser’. Clicking on the second option will bring up information about the Advertiser like the company name, country. From the option available in the tab, you can even turn off ads from that particular advertiser as well.

advertiser identity verification

As part of the new initiative, all the advertisers will be required to complete the verification in order to buy ads on Google Ad Network.

“Advertisers will need to submit personal identification, business incorporation documents, or other information that proves who they are and the country in which they operate,” said Google.

Many advertisers abused the platform by sharing misleading information and election-related ads. Google wants to keep its ad network clean and transparent at the same time. The new initiative from Google will allow the general public to know more about the advertiser from which they are seeing ads. There are hundreds of thousands of advertisers on the platform and this is something that will help the users for sure.

The main highlight here is the fact that users are given an option to whether or not to block ads from a particular advertiser. In short, now end users have more control over the type of ads they see and info about the advertisers.

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