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Google’s Advanced Protection program, Restricts Side loading Apps not in PlayStore

google advanced protection program

Google Advanced Protection Program started rolling today. This is a tight security measure by Google to keep anyone’s Google Account and their device safe from any kind of malware. Whether you are a person, a company, etc Google will ensure your device’s safety by using APP.

Today Google announced some important updates regarding Advanced Protection Program and let’s see how it works and how it will help you save your device for phishing attacks and other malware. If you enroll in the Advanced Protection Program then Play Protect will be enabled by default.

Play Protect is a built-in security scanning service by Google. It regularly scans millions of App to make sure they are all malware-free and does not make any harm to the end-user. Play Protect only works within the Google Play Store and scans for apps that are already in the Play Store. But, it will be really hard for Google to scan apps that are not in Play Store The Majority of users sideload apps with their installable file, APK. This is where Advanced Protection Program comes into play. There will be an exception for apps pre-installed by device manufacturers through the Android Debug Bridge.

Google won’t be able to scan apps outside the Play Store like what they do with Apps that are in the Play Store. So, the Advanced Protection Program will restrict you from installing or sideloading apps with their APK files. This is aimed to find all apps that are targetted to Android OS via malware, etc.

If you want, you are free to install apps through ADB via PC.

G Suite users will not be getting these updates as of now but similar sort of settings and features will be made available to the administrators.

You can enroll in Google’s Advanced Protection Program by registering on their official page.

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