Govt Bans WeTransfer Website in India

Wetransfer website banned in India

DoT or The Department of Telecommunications has asked every ISPs to block three URLs including the complete WeTransfer website.

For the uninitiated, WeTransfer is a popular online file sharing service. The main highlight of WeTransfer is that users could simply send files up to 2GB for free without even creating an account. Users can just visit the website, upload the file and either copy the link and share it or mention an email to automatically send the link.

As it was super simple for everyone to share files online, the popularity of WeTransfer increased, and then it further increased during the period of lockdown.

Users started reporting that the WeTransfer website was not available to them. The domain is partially blocked in India now and a lot of users took it to Twitter to report the same. Following the mass tweets, WeTransfer responded –

“We have received reports that WeTransfer is being (partially) blocked in India. Our team is currently investigating the issue, we hope to have more details soon. In the meantime, the best workaround is to use a VPN service to access our site.” 

It is still not clear why DoT asked to ban WeTransfer. Users could upload any sort of file in WeTransfer and share it with anyone. Maybe some are using it to share copyrighted or pornographic content online. It’s definitely not fair to ban the entire website because a few users shared some content on the platform.

Users could use WeTransfer to share files up to 2GB for free without even having the need to create an account. The service was launched way back in 2009 and now it holds an Alexa ranking of top 142 websites in the world.

Paid users could get up to 1TB of space to store and share their files.

As of now, the block is partial and a good number of users are still able to access the service. At the time of writing this, even I was able to access the site without any problem.

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