Your One Stop Guide To Guest Blogging – Best Practices

Your One Stop Guide To Guest Blogging - Basics

Doing Guest Blogging is one of the definite methods for getting targetted Traffic and Backlink to your blog.You can drive a good amount of Traffic to your blog by doing Guest Blogging for other Blogs. It will also helps you to reach out to blogger. In this guide, I will cover the basics you need to know before doing Guest Blogging and How to get the most out of it.

Why Guest Blogging?

If you are not sure about Guest Blogging, let me show you some of the benefits of doing Guest Blogging.

  • Get Backlinks from High Authority Websites
  • Drive tons of Referral Traffic
  • Great exposure for your blog

Sounds Good, right?

Simply submitting Articles to a blog which accepts Guest Blogging without putting your real effort makes no sense. If your post is not content rich, the possibility of being rejected is high.

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If you are ready to put a little effort to your hard work, then you can ripe the most of out of your Guest Post. Guest Posts alone can do wonders for your blog.

So, let’s get started.

1. Find Target Sites in your Niche

You can’t simply publish an article on any blog. Every blog is based on a specific category, so you should find on which site you should publish your creativity. For example, you can’t publish an article about SEO Tutorials in a Fashion blog, got it?

There are tons of Blogs that accepts Guest Post on the Internet.Finding the best one is yet another tough task.You should go through every website in your niche that accepts Guest Blogging, filter out and create a quality list.

To easily find blogs that accept GuestBloggingg in your niche, just do a simple Google Search with your keyword.

For example, if you want to write for a Gadgets blog, then simply search for Gadgets Guest Post, or any other similar phrases.

Search For Blogs that Accepts Guest Post

You will find hundreds of search results for your query.Go through every site and choose sites that are worth and create a list of sites.

Once you created the list of sites, next is to filter it. You can set your own requirements and sort websites from the list you created. For example, I’m sorting 5 websites from 20 of them with the following conditions: Good Domain Authority, Alexa Ranking, Google Page Rank, Traffics, Number of the Indexed page in Search Engines, Social Media Influence, etc. You can add more conditions and filter out the list.

Now you have a list of quality websites that accepts Guest Posts in your niche. Next is to contact them.

2. Read Guest Post-Guideline

Before you start to write an article for a blog, make sure that you read their Guidelines.

By reading their Guidelines, you can get a brief overview about How the article should be written, what category they accept, minimum Word count, etc. After reading their guidelines, see if it’s for you. If you can follow their guidelines and write for them, then continue.If not, look for another,

For Example, have a look at the guidelines of Guest Blogging at ShoutMeLoud. In this guideline, Harsh Agrawal clearly mentioned his requirements that every Article must meet.

Guest Blogging Guidelines

Guest Post Guidelines of

Next is to contact them.

3. Contact The Blog Admin

You must send an Email about your request to the Blog Admin. Your Email should be an appealing one and should convince the admin to accept you. Simply typing an Email won’t work at all in most cases. If you don’t write a good Email then the chance for Rejection is high.

You can follow the Guide written by Niel Patel for Email Templates and How to convince them for accepting your request. Above given is just a template with a pre-made layout, you should polish it yourself and make it more attractive.

Writing a well-personalized Emails increase the chance of getting approved.

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+Bonus: To make it look more professional, it is always good to send your Email from your own Domain(if any).In my case I send emails from admin[at], which looks more professional than [email protected] If you already have a domain and don’t have a custom Email, You Can Create a Free one with Zoho ([email protected])

Once you are accepted, next is to create high quality content that Admin can never reject.

4. Creating Masterpieces

Your request is accepted and now it’s time to create a Masterpiece content that Admin really love.

Before start writing the post, Go through their blog and read their contents.It gives you a brief idea about their style of writing, personalizations, illustration quality, etc.

The very first thing you should highly concentrate is on the Headline/Title. The headline says it all about the Article. You should write a compelling Headline that forces visitors to click on it.Having a good headline gives you best CTR and SERPs ranking.

Once you start writing the post, be sure to include the target keyword within the first 100-150 Words.Be sure to type an Introduction paragraph that is appealing. If the Introduction is not good, the chances of readers leaving the page quickly are high.If you managed to write a good Introduction then both the Blog Admin and Readers will be satisfied.After the introduction, goes the Content and then a Conclusion. You can add headings like Wrapping Up, Conclusion, Final Words, etc as conclusion paragraph title.

You can follow this or this guide to create high quality contents

Note: While you keep writing, make sure that your post stays inside the category which Admin expects.Don’t  add any useless paragraphs that are not necessary.

Whenever you write a Content, be sure to do the following for producing top notch articles:

  • Do Content Research
  • Do Keyword Research
  • Create Attractive Images and Featured Post Images
  • Attractive Writing Style
  • Internal Linking
  • etc.

Image Works

When I mean Image Works, it includes Featured Post Image, Illustration,  Infographics and Video if possible. Writing a post with thousands of words without proper images will be rejected. To keep your visitor entertained while reading the Article, you should make the post multimedia rich.

Adding high quality images and videos will enhance your content which will surely grab visitor’s attention.

Don’t think that admin will add necessary Images to the post, you should create and send these Images as attachments with the doc file.

5. Author Bio

Now, the final thing to create is an Attractive eye catching Author Bio.

Every blogs will be having a author bio section right below the content. These Bio tell about the guest blogger and their social profile links.Creating a Bio is not at all a tough task. You can visit any popular blog and check how they have written their Author Bio.

Your Bio should not be a Promotion to your blog.Try to keep it simple as possible, but attractive enough.Do remember while writing a Bio: Keep it short, Add Call To Action buttons, Social Links, and a little about you.

6. Respond to Comments

Once the guest post is published don’t think that your work is done. You should reply to each and every comment that deserve a response. Some readers will have some doubts or feedback to share with you.You should read them and try to solve their issue.

To keep a good relation with readers, it is always good to reach them and solve their issue.

Apart from this, Commenting can also create a good brand yourself as a guest blogger.

Wrapping Up

Guest Posts are the best way for getting some natural Links and Drive huge amount of traffics to your blog. If you follow each and every step mentioned above, the chances of getting post approved and maintaining a good relation with readers are high.

Create masterpiece content that are worth to publish.This will surely make you succeed in Guest Blogging.

I do love to hear from you, drop your thoughts about Guest Blogging in the comment section below and also be sure to share this article on Facebook, Twitter, G+ or anywhere.

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