[Guide] How to Install Phoenix OS on your PC/Laptop? (UEFI / Legacy)

Phoenix OS is an Android-Based Operating system specially developed for Personal Computers and Laptops that enable you to use stock Android on your PC or Laptop. Phoenix OS is made for getting both Android and PC user interface by merging both Android and Windows look-alike Operating system. In Phoenix OS, we have our usual Mouse pointer, Keyboard shortcuts, and almost every feature that a Desktop OS Have.

Android is a well-known mobile based OS that runs on billions of smartphones these days. There are tons of methods to directly install Android to our PC, but the problem here is that the controls won’t smooth at all. We won’t have any keyboard, shortcuts, drag and drop features, quick access, etc. This is where OS like Phoenix OS and Remix OS comes into play. It’s like running an Android application on your PC. It will have a taskbar, start menu, drag and drop, keyboard shortcuts, multi-tasking, etc.

phoenix os installation guide

If you are really interested in getting Phoenix OS installed in your computer then be sure to read the article till the very end. No matter what processor or system specification you are having. It works well with almost all old and modern desktops and laptops out there. You can even Dual Boot Phoenix OS with Windows and during the startup, you will get an option to select which to boot in. How cool is it, right?

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Features of Phoenix OS

Phoenix OS is fully packed and feature-loaded. Here, I am highlighting some amazing features and settings that everyone is going to like for sure.

Android+Windows Combo

Phoenix OS gives you an experience like using both Android and Windows at the same time. Or in simple terms, we can tell, Phoenix OS is a hybrid Operating System that we get when we merge both Android and Windows functionalities altogether. You have the regular Task Bar, Start Menu, Quick Access, Multi Windows, Multitasking, Docking, etc that are available in Windows and APK App support, Google Play Store, Browser, Ultimate Gaming Experience, etc that Android has to offer.

Multi-Window Multitasking

Have you ever thought of using multiple Android Apps or Games as different windows on a computer? Phoenix OS will let you use multiple Apps or Games as different windows or tabs. It’s like opening the File Explorer and a web browser together in Windows. You can copy contents from one app and paste it in another direction, too

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts make life so simple. Phoenix OS is loaded with almost all major keyboard shortcuts that are available in Windows. Basic shortcuts like Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+A, etc are readily available in Phoenix OS and using them is really simple and easy.

How To Install Phoenix OS?

To install Phoenix OS we are using a USB Flash Drive, Basically, we are going to install all the file directly to the USB Drive.S o that, files and software in your Harddisk will be Intact and untouched.

As like Remix OS, Phoenix OS is also a part of Android x86 Open Source Project.

Once the files are burned to the pen drive, Next time onwards whenever you want to start Phoenix OS, all you want is to insert the Pendrive into your computer and boot to Phoenix OS and whenever you want to boot back to Windows, then just remove the USB Drive and Boot back as usual to Windows.

Before Going In…

Before going in, download some files that are necessary to install Phoenix OS.

Download Phoenix OS

Download USB Tool

You also need a Pen drive of at least 4GB in size, 3.0 USB Drive are recommended to load faster. 2.0 USB Drive also will work.

Let’s Start

Step 1: Plug-In your USB Drive into your Computer.

Step 2: Go to File Explorer and right-click on removable storage and click on Format.

Now a format dialog box will appear.

Step 3: Choose format type as exFAT or FAT32 and allocation unit size as default and click on Start.

format pendrive

Wait for the formatting process to be completed.

Step 4: Now double click on USB Maker tool, we downloaded from the link above.

Step 5: Click on the Browse button and select the .zip OS file.

Step 6: Choose the drive to install Phoenix OS (Pendrive we inserted).

Step 7: Then click on Start.

dual boot phoenix os

Step 8: A popup will appear just click on Yes button to start burning process.

install phoenix os

Step 9: Now the burning process will start, wait for it to complete.

phoenix os for windows

Once the writing process is completed, Then you are ready to boot into Android.

phoenix os installation done

Step 10:  Now close all applications and Restart Your Computer.

Step 11: Press your motherboard’s Boot Option key while opening (like Del, F12, F11,[Dot]).

You can even go to BIOS and then select Boot device if you don’t have a direct entry to boot device option.

download phoenix os

It will open the Boot Device Manager.

Step 12: Now select USB Flash drive as a boot device and hit enter, Now press F10 to save and quit.

setup phoenix os

Step 13: Now a window will appear, with one option “Phoenix OS” just hit enter.

Step 14: Now wait for some time.

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Now you will see Phoenix OS Logo, and it will start to boot.

phoenix os guide

Step 15: Choose your Language, click Next.

phoenix os installation completed

Step 16: Enter your Username, Click Next.

Now Phoenix OS has successfully booted and opened, Now you can use this operating system a usual Android Phone with a capability to use Mouse Pointer.

Phoenix OS Running
Phoenix OS App Drawer
The latest version of Phoenix OS x64 is based on Android 7 and Phoenix OS 86 is based on Android 5


This is how we install Phoenix OS to our computer, directly to Hard disk or a pen drive. If you really enjoy using Phoenix OS then I will suggest you dual boot Phoenix OS with other OS of your choice. Android and Windows/Linux combination is perfectly blended here and everything works just smoothly as it should. The intuitive Keyboard shortcuts and Multi Window set up is really amazing and makes our workflow really easy. Phoenix OS comes with stock Android with the Google Play Store pre-installed, so it is really simple to install Android Apps and Games easily.

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