WhatsApp Spy – How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages and Chats

Do you want to Spy your Friend’s WhatsApp Account ethically? Then this article is just for you – Hack WhatsApp guide.

Today in this article you will find how you can spy your friends WhatsApp account for any reason and blow your friend’s mind up. Thousands of people search for tutorials on spying WhatsApp daily on the Internet, I personally tried a lot of them and found no luck. That’s why I searched a lot on the Internet, and finally, I found some handful of methods to spy WhatsApp without easily without hassle. Just follow the step by step instructions mentioned below in the article to get started with the tutorial.

Every app has some vulnerability that hackers take advantages on, this vulnerability is actually the loopholes that help the hackers to get into the account of others without even having the need to enter the username and password. A lot of accounts on Facebook and Gmail are being hacked every day using the password phishing method, and I think you are aware of them. But Facebook and Gmail are having a username and password to log in, but that’s not the case with WhatsApp. In WhatsApp you are absolutely having no username or password to log in, so that password phishing method won’t work here.

Hack WhatsApp

As I mentioned above the phishing method won’t work here now you guys might wonder then how we can spy WhatsApp ethically.

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This article is written just for Educational Purpose only. If anything goes wrong, we won’t take any responsibility on that. Use it for Education Use, An again Hacking is not that great thing. We suggest you stay away from such activities and GO LEGAL.


We are using WhatsApp Web for this tutorial. Yes, you heard it right WhatsApp Web!. In case you are new to WhatsApp Web, read this article. No matter if you have an Android, iPhone, Mac or Windows machine with you, this trick works perfectly fine with all these devices. This trick can also be called the WhatsApp Web spy. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the article and let’s see How to Hack WhatsApp ethically in less than 2 Minutes.

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How To Spy WhatsApp in Less Than 2 Minutes

Below, I will share two methods for it, one for the PC/Mac users and the other one for smartphone users including Android and iPhone.

Before Going In…

Make sure that you have access to your Friend’s phone at least 30 Seconds of time. Because we will need to Scan a QR Code using your Friend’s mobile which has WhatsApp installed on it. Tell your friend something and grab his phone to scan the QR code, you can return him the device just after 30 seconds.

Spy WhatsApp with Android Device

  • First of all download, an App called Whatscan App for WhatsWeb from the link given below.


  • Install the App on your Phone.
  • Once opened, it will ask you to select your Language
  • Then it will ask you whether you want to add a Password lock to the App. (My personal recommendation to you will be to turn on Password. So that no one understands anything unless they know the password.)
  • Now, it will show a QR Code which you need to scan with your Friend’s phone.
  • Whatscanner
  • On your friend’s phone, Tap on the three dots icon and tap on WhatsApp Web.
  • Now scan the QR Code on your phone with your friend’s device.
  • Once that’s done, give back your friend’s phone.
  • All Done

Now, you have successfully gained access to all Chats, Messages, Medias, etc of your Friend’s WhatsApp in your phone. Do remember, only when your friend is online, you can use his WhatsApp account, If he leaves offline, then you can no longer send or receive Message unless he comes Online again.

Spy WhatsApp With PC

Here, in this trick, we are actually going to spy a WhatsApp account with the help of PC/Laptop. That means you are not required to have a Smartphone for spying in this trick. So, let’s get started with the PC Method spaying WhatsApp in less than 5 Minutes. And again, you will need access to the victim’s phone for at least 5 Seconds (Just as to scan a QR Code)

  • Go to web.whatsapp.com or click on the Below Button to land on Web Version of WhatsApp

   WhatsApp Web

  • Now, take your Friend’s phone and Open up WhatsApp
  • Tap on the three dot icon and tap on WhatsApp Web.
  • Now, it will ask you to scan a QR Code
  • Just Scan the QR Code displayed on Web WhatsApp with your Friend’s phone.

WhatsApp Web Hack

  • Now, You are successfully having access to all your friend’s chats, message, and Media,

Note:- You can only use this trick whenever your friend is online. So, if he leaves offline, then you have to wait until he comes Online again.

This is how you can spy WhatsApp accounts and send messages and chat with anyone on behalf of your friend without even having permission from them.

How to be Safe?

So, now you know how to spy on other’s WhatsApp account, but how to stay safe from other people from spying you?

You should always keep an eye on the WhatsApp Web notification that might appear on the top of the screen if someone is using your WA Account from their device. If found, then immediately go to WhatsApp Web settings and then tap on Log out from all devices to kick the other person out off your account.

Final Words

Si Guys, this exactly how you spy WhatsApp of anyone in no time. If you are an iPhone user then the WhatsApp Web method only works for you. If you are an Android user, then each and every single method mentioned in this article work for you without any problem. Now, you can easily prank your friend by telling them their chat, and they might wonder how you managed to gain access to all his Chats and Medias. Isn’t that Cool?

Be sure to share this article with your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp and let them know about this trick, too. If you have any doubt regarding this article, you can contact me via Contact Page or simply leave your Doubts or Suggestions right below in the Comment Section, I will catch you at the soonest. Meanwhile also have a look at our WhatsApp Category, to read all our Tips and Tricks about WhatsApp.

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